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Incontinence Pants

Do you suffer from the odd leak or trickle, or tense up when the feeling of a sneeze or a cough strikes? And you’d never even consider going for a run for fear of strain on your bladder? Bladder incontinence is common in both men and women and it’s not something we can avoid. Which is why we have incontinence pants for men and women to help you deal with the issue instead of shying away from it.

Unlike standard adult incontinence pants, these incontinence pants are comfortable in design and feel just like any other pants and come with an absorbent cushion lining which will absorb any liquids turning it to gel for long lasting dryness and freshness, as well as protecting your skin from irritation. Elasticated, these pants are designed to fit snug against the body, so they hug your contours and fit securely to prevent any leaks.
Coming in a range of designs, you can find incontinence knicker for women, which come in feminine styles as well as incontinence pants for men which come in brief and boxer styles.
For reliable dryness try market leading Tena Pants. We recommend changing your disposable incontinence pants often to prevent skin irritation and soreness.
Choose from high, medium or low absorbency to suit your needs as well as the size to fit you best with pants ranging from small, medium and large as well as being suitable for day and night.

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