Our professional piercing system offers a safe, gentle and hygienic method for peace of mind. With a beautiful range of the highest quality, hypoallergenic jewellery available - there is a style for everyone, from 18ct Gold to Stainless Steel. A piercing with us means you can be sure of a great service you can trust, with the best range of jewellery around.


Premium Earrings

18CT Gold 3mm Ball

Single: from £30.00
Pair: from £55.00


18CT Gold 3mm Cubic Zirconia

Single: from £30.00
Pair: from £65.00


18CT White Gold 3mm Cubic Zirconia

Single: from £30.00
Pair: from £65.00


Top Sellers


24ct Gold Plated 3mm Ball

Single: from £11.50
Pair: from £18.00


9ct White Gold Tiffany 3mm Cubic Zirconia

Single: from £22.50
Pair: from £40.00


Polished Titanium 3mm April Crystal Bezel

Single: from £14.50
Pair: from £24.00

Stainless Tiffany 3mm Crystal

Single: from £14.50
Pair: from £24.00


Polished Titanium 4mm April Crystal

Single: from £14.50
Pair: from £24.00


9ct White Gold 2mm Cubic Zirconia

Single: from £20.00
Pair: from £35.00


24ct Gold Plated 3mm Crystal

Single: from £14.50
Pair: from £24.00


Studex Advanced Piercing Aftercare Solution


Piercing - FAQ and Aftercare >

What do you pierce with?

Working with our global piercing partner, we offer ear piercing with the System 75 instrument and nose piercing with the Medisept system. Both systems are designed to offer a safe, gentle and sterile piercing for the safety of both the consumer and the piercer.

The systems we use in store are all manufactured to FDA Medical Grade Standards in Los Angeles, and we use only sterilised jewellery that is placed into the instruments totally touch free! We can therefore pierce knowing that the jewellery we are using is sterile and hypoallergenic and then offer our customers the best possible aftercare!

What age do you pierce from?

The minimum age we pierce from in store is 3 years old, with parental consent required until a minimum age of 16 years old, 18 years old in some stores.

Please do be aware that we will only pierce a child if they, and we, are happy to do so, and we will ask you to come back at another time if we do not feel that your little one will sit calmly for us. We like to create an experience to remember for all the right reasons and safety is paramount!

What jewellery is available in store?

We are proud to offer a wide range of jewellery to suit both your budget and your style! Our premium selection includes 18ct Gold, available in both White and traditional Yellow Gold. We then have a larger 9ct Gold range, again in both White and Yellow Gold with a fantastic choice of colour and styles. In addition to the Gold ranges, we have Titanium, 24ct Gold Plated and a surgical grade of Stainless Steel. Literally something for everyone!

Our nose stud range is all Titanium, in either a “silver effect” or “gold effect” finish with a selection of gems. All our jewellery is hypoallergenic, nickel compliant and sterilised for the piercing process.

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Our piercing service is available to anyone over the age of 3 years old. Any child between 3 and 16 (18 in some areas) will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and identification may be requested.