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* The information displayed on Apowiser’s service (the "Service" or "Chatbot") is for general information only and should not be considered as medical and/or pharmacological advice and/or a recommendation and/or a substitute for medicinal and/or medical treatment. For any questions regarding your medical condition and/or information about a medication and/or products you regularly take, and/or medication and/or products displayed on the Chatbot, you should always consult a doctor or a pharmacist and follow their advice without delay. Before purchasing and/or taking any medication and/or using a product, you should read and follow the patient information leaflet and/or manufacturer’s instructions provided with the medication or product to ensure that the product is suitable and used correctly. The medications and/or products suggested to you by Apowiser’s Chatbot are based on your answers, and if not answered correctly, such medications and/or products may not be appropriate for you. The medications and/or products displayed on the Chatbot are updated from time to time and do not constitute a conclusive list of all the medications and/or products available on the market. The use of the Service is intended for customers aged 18 and above.

Superdrug Stores plc. does not bear any responsibility in relation to the Chatbot’s software and/or the quality of the Service. The Services provided to you by Apowiser have no affiliation with the “Health Insider” service provided by Superdrug and/or with Superdrug’s chat-advising pharmacists. Certain over-the-counter medications are legally required to be approved by Superdrug’s pharmacists, prior to their purchase. Thus, you will be required to fill out a questionnaire on the Superdrug website, which will assess your suitability to purchase the product.

For the avoidance of doubt, the order of products presented to you on the Chatbot following its use do not constitute any ranking of product efficacy nor a ranking of product recommendations by Superdrug.