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Dry Shampoo

If you lust over that ‘just washed’ hair feeling every day, even when you don’t have time to you know…. wash your hair daily, discover our selection of quick acting dry shampoos that get rid of oily hair fast.

What is dry shampoo? Dry shampoos for hair typically contain moisture absorbing powders, similar to that of talc, starch or cornflower as well as other ingredients like alcohol, which work by absorbing oil and grease in your hair and scalp to reveal a ‘just washed’ look. How to use dry shampoo? Dry Shampoo powder in a bottle works by spraying product into the roots of the affected area and then brushing and massaging this into your roots further to achieve an even distribution of the product and to prevent product build-up, which causes dreaded powdery white roots! Not only are these magic bottles great for hiding greasy roots, but they also work wonders for giving life and volume to hair, as well as covering grown out roots in need of a touch up. For a revived hair look, choose dry shampoo for root colour touch ups, as well as volume boosting sprays for fresh hair in-between washes and salon visits. So, on days when you’ve overslept or in need of a quick wash, without having to actually wash your hair, simply spray this oil absorbing powder onto your hair for a fresh hair feeling without the water.

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