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Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads are a great alternative to menstrual products like tampons if you’re on your period and your menstrual cycle is a new thing, as an addition to internal sanitary products if you’re concerned about leaks, or if you prefer a pad as you find it less intrusive compared to internal sanitary methods. Period pads are absorbent sheets that stick inside your underwear, with some design coming with wings for extra protection and staying power.

With sanitary towels it’s important you choose the right pad for you that fits comfortably for optimal discretion, and suits your flow, offering the correct level of absorbency. From thin towels for your lighter days, as well as thick pads for night-time and your heaviest flow, we have a range of towel styles and absorbency levels for the perfect fit. Whilst all our sanitary towels soak up leaks, winged sanitary pads and long towels help to give an added level of protection, helping to keep you and your pants covered as your body and underwear move. Shop our range of sanitary pads now, so you can get covered and worry less about your time of the month.

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