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Hair Perfume

If you’ve ever fallen in love with a fragrance, the betting is you’ve sprayed it everywhere you could possibly think of, including in your hair. Hair is great for holding and releasing fragrance and will give off pleasant aromas whenever a breeze flows through it, however, spraying traditional perfume on your hair is actually really bad, and because of the alcohols contained within these, can be really drying on your locks.

That is why hair perfume is having a massive moment rn, as these perfumes specifically designed for your mane will help to care for your hair; not only protect it against heat damage, or UV damage, but also helping to hold your style and as well as give your hair added vitamins, these hair mist perfumes will continue to give off sweet scents whilst protecting your strands, because who hasn’t wished their shampoo scent would stick with them longer whilst continuing to protect and strengthen their hair? The best bit about hair fragrance is that you can quickly spritz and mist your hair after styling, without having to worry about ruining your perfectly bouncy ‘do, or they are great for being used on the go, so you can have hair that has never looked or smelt so good, wherever.

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