Perfume. Set of Various Woman Perfumes

Think you know everything there is to know about fragrances? Ok, let’s play a game of two truths and a lie.

-        It has a shelf life and can change in scent as it expires.

-        It smells different on different skin types.

-        Your wrists are the only place worth spraying it.

See, it’s a little harder than you may have originally thought to spot a scent myth and a scent legend. Here to help you decipher the best ways to make the most of your favourite fragrances, we’ve put together a handy list of ‘Do’s and Don’ts’. Now let’s get spraying started…

Perfume. Set of Various Woman Perfumes

Fragrance Dos

Target Pulse Points

While you may immediately spritz your perfume straight onto your wrists and chest before leaving for work, there’s other target areas worth paying attention to.

Try spraying areas where blood vessels are closer to your ‘pulse points’ as this is where most heat will be given off. Good areas to focus on include your ankles, behind your knees, décolleté and near your elbows – yes, really.

Layer, Layer, Layer

The perfect time to spray aftershave or perfume is right after moisturising as moisturised skin holds fragrance better. Also, after a shower your pores are open and able to soak up both moisture and scent really well.

Most fragrances have matching lightly scent moisturisers that have been designed to maximise the longevity of your chosen spritz. The ultimate layering combination is matching scented shower gel, moisturiser and EDT/EDP.

Top Tip: Do not apply mismatched layered scents. If you do not have the matching products, the best option is to use a very light natural body spray as this won’t overpower or alter your perfume or aftershave.

Gift sets featuring matching fragrances products are perfect for trialling layered applications:

Lightly Spritz

If you want to apply perfume correctly, a little restraint goes a long way. While spraying fragrance into the air and walking into it may be the dramatic finishing touch to your night out ensemble – well, if it’s good enough for Elle Woods – it simply creates a mist and much of the scent goes to waste. It also may lead to stains on clothes and jewellery.

Instead, opt for a light spritz held at about 5-7 inches away from the targeted pulse points and pump between 2-3 times.


Fragrance Don’ts

Store in Extreme Temperatures

The best place to store your perfume or aftershave is in a cool, dry area. Also, if you have a cupboard of scents that you’re not ready to use yet – think last year’s birthday gift list – then do not take out of the packaging until you are ready to use.

Although you may want to show off your scent on a windowsill or in the bathroom, direct sunlight or moist air won’t do it any favours and often over time this exposure can alter to the scent. Direct sunlight or other extreme elements can completely change a product’s composition, so your sweet-smelling scent may become something entirely different and often will have a vinegar-esque note.

Dab, Roll or Rub

Dabbing, rolling or rubbing your perfume or aftershave is a big no-no! Doing any of these things will damage or negatively affect your scent. Rather than releasing the scent, it actually bruises the notes and this will affect its overall smell and longevity.

Applying perfume behind the ear lobes is also a common mistake. This can mix with substances that the skin releases and gives off an unpleasant odour.

Although rollerball applicators might seem very convenient, every time you roll the perfume it becomes more and more contaminated with your skins’ natural oils, which gradually degrades the scent.

Wear the Same Fragrance All Year

Over time, you may get attached to a ‘signature’ spritz, but try not to get stuck in a rut. Instead switch up your scent according to the season or the occasion. In fact most fragrances have been formulated with this in mind.

By day opt for light a breezy fragrance with citrus top notes that are not too overpowering for an open plan office environment.

Day Scents:

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As the sun sets, stronger notes such as jasmine, musk and patchouli are a great choice. These branch into the woody Oriental realm, which is perfectly suited to evening events. Although they may be heavier, these scents will last throughout the night.

Evening Scents:

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Continuously Spray

Most people comment that after an hour or so they can no longer smell their own fragrance, but this doesn’t mean it has evaporated – it’s actually the contrary! If you can sense your own spritz then eventually it can give you a headache and this generally means the scent does not suit your skin type. If however you can no longer smell it, it has settled well on your skin.

So there’s no need to keep spraying every hour, instead reapply every 3-4 hours to freshen up the scent.