Fragrance layering is a big trend right now and whether you want to create your own signature scent, give old favourites a new lease of life or maybe even use up bottles of perfume you’ve grown a little tired of,  it’s definitely something to give a try. Here’s how!

1. When you’re first experimenting it’s best to stick to single note or lighter scents. Heavier scents are much harder to blend and may end up giving you a migraine.

2. Don’t spray too much, stick to the same amount of spritzes you would use if you were wearing one scent on its own.

3. Keep to scents in the same family. Not sure what family your scent is in? A quick google will tell you whether you’ve got a woody, floral or oriental, then just pair them up.

4. Vanilla, musk and citrus are easy scents to blend with any other fragrances, so if you’ve got a perfume based on one of these feel free to experiment.

5. Spray your stronger or heavier scent first. Otherwise it’ll drown out the lighter one.

6. It’s not just about perfume, anything you use that has perfume in it from shower gel to deodorant, can be layered.

7. Practice on a piece of paper, otherwise if you hate the smell you’re stuck with it!

8. Wait an hour after you’ve layered and smell your creation again, it may change a lot once it settles.

9. Experiment with wearing different scents on different part of your body, one scent on your neck and another on your wrist is an easy way to start layering.