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How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

How to clean makeup brushes

Brushes are key to pristine, professional-standard makeup application, so give them the love and care they deserve by treating them to a thorough clean at least once a week.

Dirty brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria, and if you don’t look after your beauty tools, they won’t last as long as they should. Here are our top tips for how to clean makeup brushes and keeping them germ-free and in perfect condition, even when you’re on the go - so no excuses!

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Cleaning Makeup Brushes With Gel

Step 1 

Start by running the brush under lukewarm water, using your fingers to spread out the bristles. Try to avoid getting water on the part of the brush where the bristles meet the handle – known as the ferrule – because water will dissolve the glue and cause the bristles to shed.

How to clean makeup brushes 1

Step 2 

Next, apply a pump of cleansing gel onto the brush. Spread the bristles to remove any clogged-up makeup. For an even deeper clean, swirl the brush in the palm of your hand to lather up the soap before dipping back into the water.

How to clean makeup brushes 3

Step 3 

Rinse the brush under warm running water, then wipe back and forth across a clean hand towel to get rid of every bit of makeup. Reshape the brush as you go by pressing the bristles between your fingers until it is back to its original shape, once dry, store upright.


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Other Methods to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to clean makeup brushes

Using Anti-bacterial Spray

Antibacterial spray provides a quick-fix cleanse between thorough washes, especially for smaller brushes used on eyes and lips. Spray the solution onto the bristles and wipe back and forth across a clean tissue until there are no traces of residue makeup.

Solid cleanser

Wet your brush and use it to sweep the surface of the solid cleanser in circular motions until the product lathers up. When all traces of makeup have been removed from the bristles, rinse, reshape the brush and leave both the brush and pot of solid cleanser to air dry.

Using Makeup Brush Wipes

For on-the-go cleansing, pop some makeup brush wipes in your handbag and simply run the brush across the wipe in a circular motion until clean.

Using cleansing solution

Use a brush-cleansing solution to give your brushes a deep clean. Ideally, you should clean all your brushes every week, but if this isn’t always possible, make your foundation brushes a priority as they come into regular contact with blemishes and oily-prone areas of the skin.

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