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Make Up Brush Cleaners

You remove your makeup every night to prevent spots and blocked pores, but what about cleaning your makeup brushes and tools? We use and abuse our brushes on the daily without a second thought at how clean these are when applying makeup to our faces. Over time though, makeup can build up in the fibres of your makeup tools leading to dirt and bacteria, which you’re then applying to your skin, which can cause spots as well as other skin issues, undoing all the good of your carefully curated skin cleansing routine. To ensure your brushes stay clean and to keep your skin clean too, we have sponge and brush cleaners; from mats to help you swirl your brushes around in and to help you dislodge the dirt, to shampoos and conditioning balms, to help you care for your tools as well as dissolving makeup for a deep clean that is gentle on the fibres.

How often should you clean makeup brushes?

Just like you clean your face often, you should also clean your brushes often too. It is recommended you clean your makeup brushes every couple of weeks if you wear makeup frequently, however this can be cut down to every 6 weeks if you don’t wear makeup on the daily.

What is the best way to clean makeup brushes?

Apply some makeup brush cleaning shampoo or cleansing balm to dampened brushes or sponges, massaging it into you tools get to the dirt that is built up deep within the brush. These cleaners will help to dissolve and melt makeup, as well as allowing it to break down easily. And then taking a textured brush matt, swirl and rub your tools against the tactile matt to help lift dirt away, and then rinse. Repeat this process until the water runs clean. You may need to apply more shampoo or cleansing balm to your tools in between rinsing.

Once you have shampooed your brushes and cleansed them, rinse your tools thoroughly so there is no soap residue and try and squeeze off as much excess water as possible before reshaping your brushes and allowing to air dry.

Makeup brush cleaning may not be at the top of your cosmetic to-do list, but doing this frequently will help you to maintain beautiful skin and the quality of your brushes for longer, as well as allowing you to get that new brush feeling with every use.
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