Stop nail biting feature

It might be your one bad habit – and we know, we know, no one is perfect! – but nail biting is not glamorous. Nor is it pleasant for the horrified onlooker as you tuck in. So put an end to it once and for all with our top tips on how to stop biting nails. Whether you use a combination of techniques or stick to just one that work for you, a little restrain will surely go a long way…  

Stop nail biting

Keep Hands Busy

Nail biting can often be a result of nerves, anxiety and stress. Or it can be a repetitive, familiar habit - similar to that of a child sucking a thumb. To help snap out of it, always keep your hands busy with other things to not give you time to revert back to biting. Taking up a hobby that uses the hands (knitting, painting, running) may make a pleasant distraction.

Stop nail biting feature

Paint Nails

If your nails look pretty and perfectly painted, you may be less inclined to ruin your manicured set with a spot of biting. And if you still can't resist, then that chipped-polish-on-the-tooth look should be enough to shock you out of the habit. 

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Keep Nails Short

Filing down those talons will get rid of an element of temptation. No nails - nothing to chew on and bite, right?

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Use Nail Biting Deterrent

To transform a somewhat ‘comforting’ habit into a hideous one, invest in a nail biting deterrent. This works by coating nails in a bitter formula that will repulse the tastebuds. Pop each finger into the deterrent and soon you won’t want to put nail to mouth. 

Commit To The Cause

If you’re 100% committed to quitting the habit for good, then tell people about it. Then those around you will remind you of your promise if you go back to old ways.