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What are the early signs of pregnancy? – Superdrug
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What are the early signs of pregnancy?

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Thinking you could be pregnant can stir up a hole heap of emotions. Excitement. Fear. Happiness. Nervousness. Love. Panic. Joy. The list goes on!  These emotions can be bought on by experiencing early symptoms. If you think you could be pregnant and are not sure what to look out for, these early signs of pregnancy are a good place to start.

You miss your period

The most common sign that you’re expecting is missing your period. If you can count on your period arriving at the same time every month, and it doesn’t arrive, then it’s time to take a test.

Woman holding pregnancy test, New life and new family concept.

Feeling nauseous or being sick

Another tell-tale sign that you are pregnant is an unexplained feeling of nausea, otherwise known as morning sickness. Although, sickness during pregnancy doesn’t discriminate, you can have this feeling any time of the day!

This is caused by new pregnancy hormones flooding your body, leaving some women feeling queasy or actually vomiting.

Being tired, no… exhausted!

Even when your baby is still teeny tiny in size, pregnancy can make you feel drained, exhausted and generally over-tired.  Tired pregnancy isn’t the same as normal tiredness and the best way to deal with it is to listen to your body and try to get more rest.

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Sore or tender breasts

Due to the extra hormones taking over your body, your breast may begin to change and feel extra sore or tender. They can also feel heavier, and again, this is due to wonderful hormones!

Normal things are starting to smell and taste weird

During the early stages of pregnancy, foods that you loved before may start to become unappealing, they may even repulse you!  This goes for smells too.

In replace of the foods you used to love, you may find yourself craving other foods and it’s not unheard of for women to crave strange combinations! Go with it!

Beautiful pregnant woman eating with lust cereals on breakfast, enjoying meal. Yummy food for pregnant ladies

You need to pee more

Like, all the time! Throughout the day… throughout the night… you will have the urge to urinate, especially as your baby grows.  But during the early stages, if you are going to the loo more than usual, this can be considered an early indicator.

Mood swings

Back to those overwhelming feelings of emotions! In the first 12 weeks of pregnancy your body has a lot more oestrogen and progesterone and it is these hormones which can make you feel extra- emotional!  If you’re laughing and smiling one minute and crying the next, don’t worry! This is just another big sign that you could be carrying a baby.

What to do next?

These are just a few of the symptoms associated with pregnancy. Remember, everyone is different, and every pregnancy is different.

If you are experiencing one or more symptom, then it is time to take a pregnancy test.

If your test is positive, then your next step is to book an appointment with your GP. If you’re test is negative and you are still experiencing symptoms two or three days’ later and your period hasn’t arrived, then this is also a good time to see your GP.

For more information on all thing’s pregnancy, you can visit our dedicated information page below.

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