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Pregnancy Tests

Taking a pregnancy test can be an emotional experience and can deliver life changing results. Knowing how many weeks pregnant you are can also help you to determine when your baby was conceived and help you to plan for the future.

To help you find out whether you’re pregnant or not with accurate fast results, as well as pregnancy tests telling you how far along you are and being able to give you a reliable pregnancy result earlier than any other branded pregnancy test; Clearblue have developed a range of digital pregnancy tests and non-digital tests to best suit your needs. Clearblue pregnancy test can give you fast results, results before your missed period as well as an indication of how far along you are. All Clearblue tests have been designed to be easy to use and most importantly give you clarity when you need it most. However, if you want further evidence of your pregnancy and confirmation of your results, you can grab a multi pack for extra reassurance. Multipack pregnancy tests are also great for if you are actively trying to get pregnant too as you will have extra tests to hand.

If you are trying for a baby, it’s important you know that there are only a few days each cycle when it is possible to conceive. This gives you a small window in which it is possible to get pregnant a month. To help you figure out when you are ovulating and to improve your chances of conceiving, Clearblue have developed a fertility test range which can help you identify up to 4 or more fertile days for more chances to get pregnant. All their Ovulation tests give easy to read digital results.

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