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Prom Nails Ideas

Prom Nails Ideas feature

Dress sorted. Date sorted. And hairdo confirmed. If the stars are aligning for your big day – aka prom – then there are only the smaller details that are left to sort. Channel your prom style all the way to your talons with these inspiring prom nails ideas. Whether you want to go bright or go classic, there’s a look to get your claws into.  

Prom Nails Ideas feature

What Do I Need to Achieve Striking Prom Nails?

  • Clear base coat
  • White nail polish
  • Top coat
  • Nail cuticle stick/toothpick
  • Nail tape/scotch tape
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Prom Nail Idea: Dotted Half Moon

A prom tweak on festival boho nails, this half moon look is one to go dotty over. Feel free to match the base colour to your chosen chiffon shade for extra style points.

Step 1 – Apply the base colour


After applying a clear base coat, coat your nails in a bold shade. Here we’ve used turquoise – a colour that’ll instantly draw the eye.

Step 2 – Create dots with white polish


Dip the pinpoint side of a nail cuticle stick (or toothpick) into white nail polish. Artfully dot a semi-circle at the base of the nail, this creates the half moon effect.

Step 3 – Apply a top coat


Seal the look with a glossy top coat, this will prevent chipping – perfect if you want to get your nails sorted a couple of days in advance.  

Hello, Prom Queen!

Prom nails dotted half moon

You shall go to the ball!

Prom Nails Idea: Monochrome

The black and white combo will never be out of vogue. So for a look that won’t date when you look back at the prom snaps, this mix ‘n’ match look has it covered. Alternate between a diagonal stripe nail and a horizontal stripe nail for a finish that’ll make an entrance.

To create a diagonal stripe:

Step 1 – Apply black nail polish

Prom Nails Monochrome 1 diagonal

Taking black nail polish, apply a coat (or two, for extra gloss) and leave to dry completely. You can hurry this process along with a fast-drying spray or running nails under cold (but not gushing) water.

Step 2 – Stick on horizontal tape

Prom Nails Monochrome 2 diagonal

Cut a piece of tape (scotch tape works well) and place diagonally across one side of the nail.

Step 3 – Apply white polish over tape

Prom Nails Monochrome 3 Diagonal

Using white nail polish, apply a coat over the exposed part of the nail. Feel free to go over the nail tape as this will create a sharp diagonal line.

Step 4 – Peel back tape

Prom Nails Monochrome 4 diagonal

Once the white polish is dry, peel back the tape to reveal the design. Complete the look with a transparent top coat for a glossy, long-lasting finish.

To create a horizontal stripe:

Step 1 – Place tape horizontally

Prom Nails Monochrome 1

Using tape cut a thin strip and place across the centre of the nail horizontally.

Step 2 – Apply a coat of black polish

Prom Nails Ideas monochrome 2

Taking black nail polish, apply a coat (or two, for extra gloss) over the tape and leave to dry.

Step 3 – Remove the tape

Prom Nails Monochrome 3

Peel back the nail tape to reveal a contrasting strip down the middle. Finish with a transparent top coat to retain the style for longer.

Simply striking!

Prom Nails Monochrome feature
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