Party Ponytail feature

Poker straight locks and disco diva curls may be your usual go-to hairstyles for nights out, but if you’re suffering from a case of ‘been there done that’ then it’s time to try something new. Switch up your selfie game with an updo that stands out from the crowd. Cue our party ponytail…

What Will I Need to Create this Party Ponytail Hairstyle?

  • Curling wand
  • Hairspray
  • Hair band
  • Hair grips
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Step 1 – Section & curl hair

Party ponytail step 1

To create curls all over it’s easier to divide and conquer! So start by sectioning off the top part and loosely securing with a clip. Then take your curling wand and start working on the bottom section of the hair. Always position your wand away from the face and wrap around small sections at a time.

Once the bottom section is complete, let your top section fall loose and repeat the curling process until no straight hair is in sight.

Step 2 – Tie hair up

Party ponytail step 2

Give your curls a generous spritz of hairspray for added hold. Then leave two front sections of hair loose and tie up the rest of the hair up into a mid-height ponytail, securing with an elastic hair band.   

Step 3 – Backcomb hair

Party ponytail step 3

As this is a party look, we want to add volume to the hair before pulling it all back.

Take a backcomb brush and gently tease your roots to create texture. Then smooth over the top layer with your brush and a spritz of hairspray to get rid of any frizz or flyaways.

Step 4 – Tie back front sections

Party ponytail step 4

Take one of your front sections (we’ll call this section 1) and pull back until it reaches the ponytail. Pull the hair across to the furthest side of the ponytail and secure into place using hair grips.

Move on to your other front section (section 2) and repeat this step, this time overlapping with section 1, so that the hair falls on the opposite side of the ponytail. Secure this into place with grips, making sure they are hidden as you go along. Finish with more hairspray to give your party look added hold.