Ladder Braid feature

Are you on the hunt for an unusual yet super pretty braided style? Look no further than creating a ladder braid. Not sure how to get the look? No worries, we’re here to show you how.

What Will I Need to Get the Look?

  • A few elastic bands
  • Pins or grips (optional, if you are keen on a bun as you final look)
  • A lot of patience if it’s your first time achieving the look – but fear not, practice makes perfect!
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Steps to Achieve a Ladder Braid

Ladder Braid

Step 1: Divide the front section into three

Take a section from the front, and divide it into three pieces. This is how we will start our braid.

Ladder Braid

Step 2: Start the braid

Braid from left to right. After one link, add a strand from the top and braid it in. After this, grab a strand from underneath and add it to your braid.

Ladder Braid

Step 3: Drop a section

Repeat: Add another section from the top, braid it in, only this time - drop it to create a fallen strand. After this, add a strand from underneath. Keep repeating until you reach the back of your head.

Ladder Braid

Step 4: Finish with a simple plait

Simply plait the remainder of your hair. Repeat on the other side.

Ladder Braid

Step 5: Create the ladder braid effect

Go back to the side you started with, create three sections underneath your first braid. Start braiding to the left and then to the right.

Ladder Braid

Step 6: Continue the ladder braid

Use the same technique as you did with the braid above, only within this braid you will need to make sure that every section you bring into the braid from the top is from the previous braid’s drop. This created that beautiful ladder look.

Ladder Braid

Step 7: Once again, finish off with a plait

Finish both of your second braids with simple plaits. You can even use one band for both of the end plaits!

Ladder Braid

Step 8: Remove one plait on both sides

To create a wonderful fishtail plait, remove one plait from both sides, so that there is only one plait per side.

Ladder Braid

Step 9: Create a plait in the centre

Join both sides at the centre by creating one thicker plait. Braid the three plaits together – this will create a fishtail plait effect.

Ladder Braid

Step 10: Optional – Roll the fishtail plait into a bun

If you’d rather finish with a bun, roll the fishtail plait into a bun and secure with grips.

Ladder Braid

Looking stunning!