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How to Use Oval Makeup Brushes – Superdrug
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How to Use Oval Makeup Brushes

Oval brushes have revolutionised the way we apply makeup. But what is it about these brushes that has brought them such a massive following? We’re here to explain how to use oval brushes and what made them into every makeup enthusiast’s must-have.

Applying Foundation or Powder

Use the largest oval brush to apply foundation or powder. You can go for liquid, mousse or powder – any type or texture will work perfectly. Simply add the product to the brush and apply with a single sweep, gently massaging the product into your skin. You can even apply moisturiser or primer with an oval brush using the same technique.

how to use oval brushes
how to use oval brushes

Applying Concealer

Use the concealer oval brush and apply the product under the eye and on areas where you have blemishes. Simply dot the product in places you’d like to conceal and blend using the brush. The smaller size of this brush makes it easier to reach areas such as the inner corner of your eye.

Applying Bronzer

Use the medium sized brush, or the sculp one to contour your face. Again, with a gentle sweeping motion, blend the bronzer underneath your cheek bones, along your hairline and just under your chin.

how to use oval brushes
how to use oval brushes

Applying Blusher

Similar to the bronzer application, use the same sculpt oval brush. Smile gently and apply blusher on to your cheek bones, blending the product in as you go along.

Defining Your Eye Brows

Use the narrow brush to add definition to your eye brows. This is perfect for a natural subtle eye brow look as the oval brush will intensify the shade while still retaining a natural brow look.

how to use oval brushes
how to use oval brushes

Applying Eye Shadow

Use an eye shadow brush to easily apply primer and eye shadow. The compact size of this brush makes it easy to blend colours while still keeping the precision of eye shadow application.

For Makeup that Requires Extra Precision

If you are keen on extra precision, go for the smallest of the oval brushes. Perfect for lining, highlighting or even contouring the nose. Gently blend the product using the brush for a truly seamless look – that highlighted cupid’s bow never looked that good.

how to use oval brushes
how to use oval brushes

Smudging the Eyeliner

Apply kohl eye liner and smudge it with the narrow brush. Afterwards, use the excess to line your lower lash line – very economical!

Making it Your Own

Everyone has their own way of applying makeup. Oval brushes can inspire you to use them in your own fabulous way!

how to use oval brushes

What Makes Oval Brushes Different?

The main thing that sets oval brushes apart from all the rest is the density of the bristles. Unlike other brushes on the market, oval ones have so many bristles, they act like one even surface. This means that when you apply powder, foundation, eye shadow or any other product, it all stays at the top rather than settling at the base of the brush. You end up using less product which in turn helps to save those pennies.

The other reason why beauty lovers are cooing over oval brushes is because of their design. When you apply makeup with an oval brush, you will notice that the rounded design, the tilted tip and the firm grip all make it easier to for you to achieve that professional finish on yourself. That’s right – it’s like carrying a makeup artist in your pocket - they are designed to give you more control when you are applying makeup on yourself.

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