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How to Use Eyebrow Pomade – Superdrug
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How to Use Eyebrow Pomade

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Those pesky makeup artists that fill up our beauty feed are speeding through the brows process quicker than you can say ‘arches on fleek’. Blink and the brows are done. They make it look easy, don’t they?

Well, in real life the process of pruning is not quite as instant or magical. There’s a fine line between natural-looking brows and blocky, and we're here to show you how you can apply eyebrow pomade like a pro to create the brows of your dreams.

The Basics

Errrr, this is awkward. What is eyebrow pomade?

You might already know what it is, but the fancy word it throwing you off. Eyebrow pomade is a cream-based formula that is usually packaged in a small pot. It will give you concentrated colour which makes it great for faking hairs for sparse areas and for defining brows. It’s long-lasting too and some formulas are waterproof so you don’t have to worry about rain or sweat threatening your optical illusion.

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How to pick the right shade

This will be different for everyone, depending on what look you’re going for. But, for natural-looking brows you want to pick a soft shade that’s as close to your natural brows as possible. Or for a shaded effect, a combination of two shades will help you create the perfect pair.

How to apply the right amount of eyebrow pomade

One of the most common mistakes is using far too much product on your brows – less it more! First up, you should never be applying your pomade with any old brush lying around in your kit. Always use an angled brush to apply your eyebrow pomade and a spoolie brush to soften up your lines. A double-ended brush tool is a great space saver and perfs for touch-ups on the go.

Lightly coat your angled brush with eyebrow pomade (don’t scoop it up!) and test out a line on the back of your hand before going straight in for the brows. Your line should be thin with no excess product falling from the brush. Repeat as many lines as possible until you’re happy with the consistency.

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