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How to make your aftershave last longer – Superdrug
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How to make your aftershave last longer

flat lay of aftershaves on tiled background with silver watch and set of keys in shot

Wanna know why your aftershave ain’t putting in a full shift at the office? Chances are you need a routine that’s gonna make it linger for longer, and we don’t mean dousing yourself in the stuff. It may have worked at secondary school, but an over-odoured man is enough to ruin anyone’s morning commute. No, quantity is not key – it’s all about swotting up on scent and skin science. If you find your fragrance has faded by 10am, keep reading for tips that’ll help it stick. 

flat lay of aftershaves on tiled background with silver watch and set of keys in shot

Start with storage

Heat and light are aftershave’s biggest enemies. The quickest way to waste your money on a fragrance is to take it home and store it on a windowsill or in a humid bathroom. Save your scents by storing them in a cool, dark place.

Spray straight away

Believe it or not, the best time to spritz your scent is straight after you’ve showered. Applying aftershave to warm, damp skin allows it to absorb properly and dry down to give maximum scent impact. Give yourself a quick pat with a towel after the shower and get the juice on asap!

Moisture makes it stick

Don’t worry if you miss the window after your shower. If your skin is dry, use an unscented moisturiser before spritzing your aftershave, to give it staying power.

Stay on point

Pulse points are the prime places to spray your scent. Your skin is warmest in these areas, and the warmth activates the perfume oils in your fragrance. Spraying on wrists, neck, backs of knees and behind ears will give your aftershave a punch.

DON’T spray clothes

You may think spritzing your shirt will help your scent stick around, but all this is gonna do is ruin your new button-down. Over time, it’ll make quality cotton wear thin more quickly and can alter the colour of the fabric. It doesn’t make your fragrance last longer, anyway, as scents dissipate more quickly from cooler surfaces like clothes.

DON’T spray more

The cardinal sin of scent. Contrary to popular belief, drowning yourself in aftershave won’t make the scent last longer – it’ll just make you one of those guys who stinks out the office. Follow the advice above and top up as and when you need to.

Top four fragrances for men

Now you know all about making your scent stick, it’s time to top up on an old fave or try something new.

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