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How to 80s Hair: The Coloured Crimped Style – Superdrug
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How to 80s Hair: The Coloured Crimped Style

80s Coloured Crimp Hair

What Will I Need to Get the Look?

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Steps to Achieve 80s Coloured Crimped Hair

80s Crimp Hair

Step 1: Section your hair

Brush through with detangler and spritz your hair with heat protecting spray. Make achieving this look even easier by sectioning your hair. Go for two sections - top and bottom. Pull the top one into a top knot and clip away.

80s Crimp Hair

Step 2: Spray, spray, spray

We’ve gone for a pink hair chalk, but you can opt for any colour you like. Feel free to either use hair chalk for pretty pastels or coloured hairspray for more vivid shades. Don’t worry if it’s not neat, we’re going for a crazy 80s look, so messy hints of colour work perfectly fine.

80s Crimp Hair

Step 3: Go for a few thin plaits

Next, take a few strands of hair and plait them into thin plaits. We want our crimped effect to look totally 80s, so don’t go for thick plaits, as they might not give that authentic crimped look

80s Crimp Hair

Step 4: Clamp the straighteners over the plaits

Not that you’ve done a few plaits, run the straighteners through them, clamping down as you go along.

80s Crimp Hair

Step 5: Repeat the steps and release the plaits

Now that the bottom section is all ready, repeat the steps on the top section and release all the plaits. Fix the look with hair spray for the 80s crimped coloured hair effect to last all day.

80s Crimp Hair

Looking, like, totally rad with your 80s hair!

Enjoy rocking this awesome look!

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