Blurred French Wedding Nails

Timeless, photogenic and endless versatile – a French manicure is a classic for good reason. So it’s no surprise that it’s an often requested go-to for the big day. But if you’re keen to make your wedding more unique than all the cookie-cutter parties you’ve been to recently (oh look, another ‘naked’ cake) then allow us to introduce you to a modern day interpretation of the timeless talon look.

Cue our faded French manicure tutorial – a softer take on the signature white tips. And the best part it? You won’t need to visit a salon to recreate this design.

Blurred French Wedding Nails

Step 1 – Shape nails & apply nude-hued polish

Faded French Manicure step 1

File nails into your preferred shape (this can work with both oval and square silhouettes) and apply two coats of nude polish to create a solid base. This nude hue will be visible in the final look, so apply enough coats of polish until you have a streak-free, block colour.  

Step 2 – Draw lines on sponge with nail polish

Faded French Manicure step 2

Take a makeup sponge and on the flat side of the sponge draw a line on the very edge in nude polish. Next to this line, draw a line with white polish. Do not leave the polish to dry, instead move straight on to step 3…

Step 3 – Blot sponge onto nail

Faded French Manicure step 3

Position the sponge over the tip of the nail, so the white line is on the edge of the nail. Blot sponge gently until the colour transfers onto the nail.

Step 4 – Continue blotting

Faded French Manicure step 4

To build up the coverage continue blotting the sponge against the nail until your finish appears blurred rather than a spray effect.

Step 5 – Apply transparent top coat

Faded French Manicure step 5

To finish the look and to prevent chipping, seal your faded French manicure with a transparent top coat.

A look waiting to be unveiled on the big day... 

Blurred French Wedding Nails Lace

Simply striking!