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Christmas Red Nail Polish Ideas – Superdrug
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Christmas Red Nail Polish Ideas

Santa red nail polish

We have many traditions this time of year, from donning novelty Christmas jumpers to hanging mistletoe atop a doorway in the hope of scoring a little festive romance. While we appreciate the nostalgia, we also love to tear up the rule book too. So instead of painting our talons with a classic red, we’ve taken it one step further with these striking nail polish ideas…

Santa Nails

Give your red mani a playful twist with the addition of Saint Nick!

Santa red nail polish

What Will I Need to Create this Nail Art Design?

  • Nail file
  • Transparent base coat
  • Red nail polish
  • Black nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Cuticle sticks/nail art stick
  • Top coat
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Step 1 – Shape nails & add tape

Prep your talons by filing them into your favourite shape. Once you’re happy with the size, add a strip of tape halfway down the nail bed.


Step 2 – Coat with red nail polish

Take your red nail polish and apply two coats to the exposed part of the nail bed. Don’t worry about going over the tape, as this is in place to ensure you get a straight line every time.


Step 3 – Remove the tape

Once the red nail polish is dry, remove the tape slowly. You can peel this back or use tweezers to do this, for extra precision.


Step 4 – Add the beard

Dip a cuticle stick/nail art stick into white nail polish and draw on the outline of the beard. Try to create defined scalloped edges for a more playful touch.


Step 5 – Complete the face

Take a clean cuticle stick/nail art stick and create Santa’s eyes by drawing on dots in black nail polish. Use the red to dot on his nose.


Step 6 – Seal with a top coat

Finish the design with a layer of transparent top coat, to preserve the nail art design for longer.

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