Tanning expert and St Tropez spokeswoman Jayne Cooper answers your burning questions on how to nail a fake tan.

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Q. What’s your advice on tanning your face?

A Less is always more. Remember just a subtle kiss of colour will make eyes look brighter and teeth look whiter. It’s all about no-makeup makeup, which puts pressure on us to have ‘that perfect base’. Simply cheat the trend with tan. The darker your hair, the darker your tan can be – blondes should aim for sunkissed rather than a brunette super-bronze.

Q. If your body is prone to dryness, what fake tan type would you recommend?

A If you have particularly dry skin, you may want to opt for a gradual tan moisturiser so your skin is kept hydrated while developing a colour.

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Q. How can you make your fake tan last as long as possible?

A To keep the tan on your face going for longer, avoid cleansing with oil-rich balms, using muslin cloths and clay or peel-away masks as they can strip the tan.

Q. What’s the correct way to prep your body before tanning?

A Don’t wax before tanning as this will open pores and leave you looking more plucked chicken than chic. Always remove deodorant, makeup and perfume pre-tan. Exfoliate, concentrating on feet, knees and elbows, where we tend to have dry skin. Use a cotton bud to apply a tiny amount of Vaseline or Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream around the nails, brows, lips and hairline, to stop the tan taking there.

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Q. What’s the correct way to prep your face before tanning?

A Lightly exfoliate your face a day before tan application to ensure your skin’s surface is even. Any hair removal – eyebrow plucking/threading/waxing – should be carried out the day before. Try to avoid facial hair bleaching when applying self-tan to the face. Rinse your face before tan application to remove any residue oil from previous products and makeup, which acts as a barrier. I would recommend washing your face with an oil-free cleanser. Cream or foaming cleansers are best as they leave no film on the face. Splash your face with cold water to close any open pores or use a makeup wipe from the fridge. Brush your teeth prior to application as toothpaste around the mouth can lift the colour while the tan is developing.

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Q. How do you go about finding the right tan for your skin tone?

A A light Cali Glow is great for blondes and redheads with very fair skin and blue eyes. A gentle wash of colour will lift the complexion and give a natural-looking sunkissed glow – go for a light gradual tanner that’s super-hydrating, such as St Tropez Gradual Tan One Minute Everyday Pre-Shower Tanning Mousse. It’s super-easy to use and buildable should you want a deeper colour. An Ibiza-inspired bronze suits all skin tones. I’d always recommend using a mousse formula. For medium and dark skin tones and that two-weeks-in-the-Caribbean-type tan, try a deeper bronze, such as the new St Tropez Self Tan Extra Dark Bronzing Mousse – it suits the darker skin tones and is foolproof to apply.

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