Sigh. You’ve Googled ‘healthy eating plan’ about 10739262 times and nothing seems realistic to maintain. You’ve scanned Instagram and find yourself 14 months deep into a fitness blogger’s feed wondering why they only seem to eat avocado brunches and kale smoothies yet still have enough energy to run a half-marathon a day and look like an athletic goddess. Instagram aside, what do fitness bloggers put into those tiny stomachs of theirs? Fitness blogger and presenter AJ Odudu is here to show you what she eats throughout her day of travel, photoshoots, filming and workouts. It’s not the gluten-free, reduced-fat and low-carb hell you might think it is.


Porridge, Nuts & Protein Shake

Wholegrain goodness like porridge helps to prolong life and reduce the chances of heart disease. And if that’s not enough reason to include it in your diet, it’s full of fibre and ensures blood sugar levels remain steady during workouts. 

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Olive and almonds

These offer fibre, protein, calcium and iron – perfect to top up your hunger levels during a busy day.


Chicken avocado salad

This classic salad is super-healthy and easy to put together. It’s well balanced and contains all the nutrients, fats and protein to sustain a healthy diet.

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Oily fish and veg

A healthy diet should include at least one portion of oily fish a week, which is high in omega-3 fatty acids and helps keep your heart in top condition. Pair fish with veg in the evening. Avoid any carbs after 6pm as they release energy that you don’t need in the evenings.

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