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Nails.INC Lands on Superdrug’s Shelves! – Superdrug
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Nails.INC Lands on Superdrug’s Shelves!

Nails Inc Plant Power nail polishes

Grab a nail file, because your talons are in for a treat! In some very exciting news, iconic vegan nail polish brand, Nails.INC has now arrived at Superdrug! It launched over 20 years ago and was one of the first cool and edgy nail brands aimed at a new generation of beauty lovers. The game-changing polishes have high-tech, nourishing formulas (you’ve got to try their iconic Superfood NailKale Base Coat for nourishing weak brittle nails), while their unique brush shapes minimise the number of strokes required to paint your nails, making application a breeze.

So it’s no surprise Nails.INC have quickly become one of the UK’s best-selling nail brands, with quirky, eyecatching colours many of which have names inspired by London, such as Find Me In Fulham and No Bad Days in Notting Hill.

This really is the perfect range for mani-obsessives and nail polish newbies alike. Here are some more reasons to love it …

Nails Inc Neon nail polish

Natural Vegan Nail Polish

Think nail polishes are all packed with synthetic chemicals? Think again. Nails.INC's Plant Power range is 73% plant-based and is also vegan, cruelty-free and halal. We love the classic rouge shade Swear By Salutation.

Nails Inc NAILS.INC Plant Power Swear By Salutation 14ml £9.00 Buy Now
Nails Inc Plant Power nail polish

Quick Dry Polish

If you don’t fancy sitting still for half an hour, waiting for your nails to dry, Nails.INC’s Speedy Gloss collection solves the problem, drying in a record time of 45 seconds. Perfect for a last-minute mani, you can simply paint on and head out the door! Aspiring ‘it girls’ should try the classic shade: Mayfair Made Me Do It.

Nails Inc NAILS.INC 45 Second Speedy Gloss Mayfair Made Me Do It 14ml £8.00 Buy Now
Nails Inc 45 second nail polish Time for Trafalgar

Two Shades, One Bottle

If you want to switch up your nail colour without a full-on polish change, Nails.INC Thermochromic Polish reacts and alters colour with changes in temperature. On our current shopping list is their Hotter Than Hot shade, which changes from bubblegum pink to bright white, as if by magic!

Nails.INC thermochromic nail polishes

Tan-Enhancing Talons

Nothing shows off a tan like a marvellous manicure. And the Beach Bottled collection is the perfect way to do it, with four flattering shades that will look fabulous against sunkissed skin! We’re all about the sparkly, sand dune-inspired shade That Tan Life.

Nails Inc NAILS.INC Beach Bottled That Tan Life 14ml £9.00 Buy Now
Nails inc Beach Bottled nail polish

Skincare Meets Nail Polish

We’re sure you’ve heard of retinol before – but what about for your nails…? This popular skincare ingredient is the power behind Nails.INC’s revolutionary 45 Second Retinol topcoat. It toughens up weak talons to ensure your mani is chip-proof and dry to the touch in under a minute.


(We told you this range was a game-changer!)

Nails Inc NAILS.INC Mini 45 second retinol top coat 5ml £9.00 Buy Now
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