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Packing makeup for your holiday is exciting and your beauty products are just as important as the clothes you pack. When deciding what should go into your travel makeup kit, the term 'less is more' is key.

A bulging makeup bag is going to take up valuable space and travel size and multi tasking products are made for holidays. Check out our list of essential items for the ultimate travel makeup kit.

Shot of three friends applying makeup in front of the mirrorhttp://

Multitasking Travel Products


A full size bottle of perfume can be bulky and risky if glass and packed in your hold luggage! A perfumed body cream is a great multitasking product combining a body moisturiser and and perfume in one. Alternatively decant some of your favourite perfume into an atomiser which is made for travelling.

Dual Lip and Cheek Tint

This is a great two in one product for day or night. Blend the lip and cheek tint onto the apples of your cheeks and lightly smear onto your lips for a natural pop of colour.

Tinted Moisturisers and CC Creams

Tinted mositurisers and CC creams are perfect travelling companions - hydration and light coverage in one. The lightweight texture make them perfect for sticky climes where foundation might feel too heavy. Choose one with added SPF protection and have three products in one!

Makeup Palettes

Makeup palettes are made for travel, choose one that includes eye shadows, blush, lips and brushes so you won't have to pack lots of separate products. If you've been smart and packed a capsule wardrobe you will be able to match the colours in the palette to your clothes so one palette will be all you need. The eye shadows can double up their uses too, with the more neutral, pearl-like colours making a perfect highlighter to define the brow bones and black eye shadow can be used as an eyeliner when used wet.

Travel Makeup Brush Kit

Powder, blush, eyes and lips – a travel makeup brush kit will allow you to apply all your beauty needs with one compact brush set. Whether it’s the face brush for blending bronzer and blush or an angled brush used for both eye shadow and eye liner, you’ll be ready to paint the town.

Eyes and Brows

Your eyeliner needn't just be for your eyes, it can double up as a brow pencil too. Brows can be filled in with the eyeliner or lightly by using your mascara. Opt for a brown rather than black pencil if you have lighter hair!


Holiday Make-Up Kit Must Haves

Waterproof Mascara

A waterproof mascara is a holiday must have if venturing to hotter climes. A travel sized waterproof mascara is a handy essential for your travel makeup kit.

Lip Balm

Providing moisture to the lips is important, especially when you’re away in a hot country as skin can become burnt or dehydrated. A small lip balm containing a SPF factor of 15 or higher is recommended to give your lips added sun protection.

Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Instead of carrying a bottle of nail polish remover and cotton wool in your suitcase, opt for nail polish remover wipes to remove your nail polish quickly and effectively. Nail polish remover wipes are great for travel as they’re compact, remove all traces of nail polish from all ten nails using just one wipe, and leave nails feeling nourished.

Coconut Oil

You’ll be surprised at how versatile coconut oil is and won’t want to leave your house without it next time you go away on holiday. It can be used for:

  • Shaving cream: ditch the shaving gel and use coconut oil for a closer shave which will leave your legs feeling extremely smooth.
  • Itch relief: Insect bites and burns can be relieved by rubbing a little coconut oil to the affected area.
  • Deep conditioning treatment: Warm a little bit of coconut oil and use it as a deep heat hair conditioner. It will leave your hair feeling soothed and rehydrated.
  • Makeup remover: Apply directly to your face with a cotton pad and use as a cleanser. Your makeup will melt away easily.
  • Under eye Cream: Don’t want to take your whole skincare routine products with you? Coconut oil works wonders as eye cream. Dab a little oil on fine lines and under the eye.
  • Frizz control: Coconut oil works as smoothing treating and tame flyaway hairs, leaving healthy shiny looking hair on holiday.


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