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Top tips on how to fight a cold – Superdrug
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Top tips on how to fight a cold

The common cold. Everyone gets them. Nobody likes them! If you’ve been struck down with a case of the sniffles and sneezes, do not despair! Yes, they’re a nuisance but there’s no need for it to get the better of you! Follow these handy tips on how to banish the bugs to get you up and running again in no time.

1. Drink up!

And by drink up, we mean water, not time at the bar! Drinking plenty of water will help replenish any fluid you lose through blowing your nose and sweating. This will also help keep your scratchy throat lubricated if you’re coughing and spluttering.  No one said having a cold was glamorous!

Herbal teas such as ginger, lemon, chamomile and green tea may also help sooth dry, irritated and sore throats. So, you best get the kettle on!

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2. Take your vitamins

There are some well-known vitamins which can help you in your fight against the cold. Vitamin C is a very common one and can be found in foods such as oranges, kiwi fruits, citrus, broccoli and dark leafy greens* and will help keep your body protected.  You should also get yourself acquainted with zinc, which can decrease the time you suffer with your symptoms. Include zinc rich foods into your diet such as nuts, seeds and beans*.

If these food items aren’t taking your fancy, you can also top up your intake and protect your immune system with Superdrug’s Vitamin C with Zinc supplement.

3. Put your feet up

And that’s the doctor’s orders! Resting is one of the best ways to beat a cold. Keeping busy, running around and going about the daily grind is only going to make you feel worse – no matter how hard you try to keep up!  For the sake of you and your colleagues, take the day off. Germs will spread around an office quicker than gossip from the Christmas party!

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4. Avoid comforting eating (as much as you can!)

No matter how much you want to reach for comforting, sugary foods - now is not the time! Foods that are high in fat and sugar can slow down your immune system, which makes it harder to fight off infections.  You need nutrients provided by a balanced diet to help your recovery.

5. Find the right remedy for you

Sometimes nature needs a little support in getting you back on track! That’s why at Superdrug, we have a wide range of cough, cold and flu remedies from tablets to syrups, lozenges to sachets to help you along the way.


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