Leading a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean that you have to change everything in your daily routine. A small healthy swap can be extremely beneficial too. Here are some ideas on how to make your lifestyle healthier without you even noticing it!



  • While your favourite cereal might taste like sweet success, swapping it for porridge with a handful of nuts will keep you fuller for longer. If you have a sweet tooth add a tiny bit of honey or some dried fruits to sweeten the taste the healthy way.
  • If you are a morning yoghurt kind of person, go for a fat-free or a lower-fat version.
  • Leave the house 15 minutes earlier and walk two or three stops instead of just catching the first bus that stops near your house. A brisk regular walk can have many health benefits including the possibility of helping to lower blood pressure and high cholesterol, among others. Plus, breathing some fresh air before hopping on a bus or a train is always a good idea!


  • Elevensies can sometimes become a real calorie bomb, but not to worry, there’s no reason this morning snack doesn’t have to be healthy. A small bowl of fruit, black coffee or green tea can all do the trick.
  • Keen on a treat? Try apple slices with peanut butter or a mini fruit salad
  • If you like having milk with your tea or coffee, go for a semi-skimmed or skimmed version.


  • If you love sandwiches, skip the white bread and opt for wholegrain or rye bread.
  • Spice up your lunch time and add delicious spices into your salads or soups. Did you know spicy food helps to boost endorphin levels? That’s right – it can make us chirpier!
  • If you love cheese, swap heavier cheese such as cheddar for lighter versions or reduced fat ones.


  • It’s the perfect time to add more veggies into your meal. It can be an additional salad, vegetable based sauce, or even a puree that you made yourself. Who said that a bit of pasta with fresh and zingy tomatoes, rocket or watercress was boring?
  • You can also rethink the way you cook meat or fish for dinner. Instead of bringing out the frying pan, try grilling or steaming. Yummy.
  • If you always eat red meats, try adding leaner meats into your diet, for example chicken or turkey, after all the latter is not only for Christmas – it tastes great all year round.

Weekend Fun

  • Meeting up for a coffee with a friend? Go for a nice brisk walk with them afterwards while chatting and catching up, or even better - hop on a train in the morning and plan a day trip in a neighbouring city.
  • Join a fun class! It can be something unusual like no gravity yoga, belly dancing or street dancing.
  • Experiment with healthy smoothie-making. Here are some ideas to inspire you.
  • If you do go out for a drink, always follow the government’s guidelines and make sure you drink a glass of water after an alcoholic beverage to avoid dehydration. Find out more about partying safely.

Healthier Snacking Ideas

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