Healthy fruit and vegetables

There are lots of different ways to make your own healthier diet plan. As well as making sure you’re eating the right things, it’s also important to make sure you’re eating them at the right time, so your body is well-fuelled. Whether you’re looking to slim down or just resist the call of the takeaway, read our top tips for getting your diet in shape.

Healthy fruit and vegetables

Fill your plate

Many people who stick to a healthy diet without feeling constantly hungry fill their plates with low-calorie, high-volume foods like vegetables and fruits. Alongside lean protein sources (such as white fish, skinless white meat and tofu) healthy, complex carbohydrates, salads and roasted or raw vegetables will give you plenty to munch on, so you don’t feel constantly hungry or wanting to snack.

Stay prepared

It’s easy to be caught out when you’re out and about or short on time, leaving you grabbing convenience foods or takeaways. Put aside a bit of your spare time to meal prep so that you’ll always have a healthy option waiting for you in your fridge or freezer. Whether you cook a few meals just for the week or commit to a serious batch cook that can be frozen, meal prepping will maximise your chances of sticking to your healthy eating plan. Takeaways won’t be so tempting when you’ve got plenty of delicious food waiting at home. Hopefully.

3 boxes of prepped meals on a white table

Stock up on healthy snacks

Similarly, it’s easy to get tempted by the biscuit tin if you’re feeling peckish between meals, so stay one step ahead of those mid-afternoon snack attacks. Stash healthy, filling snacks in your desk or bag such as the Lighterlife Bars and Bites, nuts, dried fruits and crackers to keep up your energy between meals.

Plan big treats into your diet

Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? It states that 80% of the food we eat should be fresh, packed with nutrients and what we’d consider ‘healthy’. However, it’s important not to neglect the 20%, as letting yourself enjoy treat foods from time to time is a vital part of keeping a healthy attitude towards your eating habits. Allowing yourself the odd night off to enjoy a pizza-fuelled Netflix binge or a tasty date night at your local Indian is perfectly normal. Enjoy treats without the guilt and focus on packing plenty of fruit, veg and lean protein into the rest of your week.

4 friends sitting on a sofa and on the floor eating pizza

Less is more

Even if you’re trying to eat more healthily, treats like chocolate, crisps and biscuits can still be part of your diet. To make sure they’re only making up a small part of your daily food intake, opt for fun-sized bars and mini-bags or bring in a few biscuits at a time, rather than the whole pack. This way, you can still enjoy the food you love in healthy moderation. Life’s too short to never treat yourself, right?

Listen to your body

Many people preach that ‘little and often’ is the best way to eat when trying to be healthy. This might suit some people, particularly those who get hungry every few hours, but it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you’re someone who prefers large meals, but stays full for a long time after eating, you might be better suited to less frequent, more filling meals or trying intermittent fasting (IF). This is a method of eating where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting, where you are not told what to eat, but when to have your meals.

Regardless of what you’re eating, if you’re not doing it in a way that suits your body, you’re going to struggle to get the results you want. Experiment with different eating styles and see which one fits your lifestyle and goals.