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How to love your body – Superdrug
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How to love your body

How to love your body

We’ve all been there – standing in front of the mirror, feeling inadequate. It’s normal to feel a bit crappy about your body, but that doesn’t make it OK. And if these feelings go uncurbed, they can lead to more serious mental and physical health problems. That’s why you need to hop onto the self-love train asap! Practising self-love or learning to fall back in love with your body if you’ve not had the best relationship in the past can be difficult. However, these four simple life hacks will help steer you in the right direction and get you back on track. Self-confidence is a beautiful thing and everyone should have it.

None of us is perfect

We all have lumps ’n’ bumps and dips ’n’ junk in places we’d rather not. But no one is perfect – there’s no such thing. Everyone’s beauty standards are different, and they should be celebrated. Accept your body for what it is and learn to love your quirks and imperfections. Wish you had a six pack? Bigger boobs? Just a smidge taller? Instead of focusing your energies on the negatives, accept that we aren’t Barbie and Ken dolls, and learn to love your body for what it is.

Don’t compare yourself

Yes, you’ve heard it before and, yes, it’s a cliché – but there’s a reason for it. Comparing yourself to others is an unhealthy habit to fall into. We’re all guilty of it, and social media makes it waaaaaay too easy to feel pants about yourself, but just remember – it’s not a true reflection of reality. Try to take what you see with a pinch of salt. If you still find yourself drowning in comparatives, break the pattern and unfollow the accounts that make you feel substandard, while following those that empower you… your mind and body will thank you in the long run.

Dress to impress…

… yourself! That’s right. Wear what makes YOU feel good, which will help give you more confidence. Whether it’s clothes, makeup or hair, you need to leave behind what others think and start doing you. Wanna wear bright orange lippy? Great, go for it! Hate wearing makeup and cba with all the fuss? Equally great, rock the au natural look. Putting yourself first in the way you look will help you make leaps and bounds in the direction of self-love and body positivity. Bottom line? Live. Your. Best. Life.

Don’t reject compliments

We find it easy to accept negative comments and own our faults, but we can’t seem to accept compliments. Well, you gotta kick that habit pronto, my friend. If someone tells you you’re looking guuuuuuurd, believe them – own it! And if you’re not sure how to accept a compliment, just say thank you… it’s that simple. For brownie points, try paying it forward and complimenting someone else – you could be making their day.

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