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Intimate Health: How to take care down there – Superdrug
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Intimate Health: How to take care down there

Flat lay of intimate care products for women

If you barely give a second thought to the upkeep of your intimate area (except for your monthly cycle, of course) then we’ve got news for you. There are a few dos and don’ts that are worth filing in your memory bank to help keep everything ticking over and healthy.

Flat lay of intimate care products for women

Swap your soap

If you’re using your favourite sweetly-scented shower gel all over the body, including down there, you need to stop. As the skin around the vulva is sensitive, you need to have a more bespoke approach to cleaning this area.

Wash once a day with warm water and a small splodge of soap that’s specifically formulated with feminine hygiene in mind. And if you feel you need to freshen up on the go or when you’re on your period then keep a pack of wipes to hand.     

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Ditch Douching

Hold up, what? First of all, douching is where you spray water directly to your intimate area under the assumption it’s a thorough cleaning technique. But, it does more harm than good. The vagina can self-clean and so if you strip it of its natural goodness you might disrupt the natural PH balance and encourage bad bacteria to fester. Instead rinse and wash around, never inside, the area for good hygiene.

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Go for cotton underwear over synthetic

When it comes to underwear, choose breathable fabrics (like pure cotton) over tight synthetic styles. More restrictive materials could cause friction, overheating and added moisture which is a breeding ground for vaginal infections.

Pads & pantyliners

If you want to eliminate intimate odours, then in addition to a daily wash you could also choose to wear a pantyliner or lightly scented pads (when you’re on your monthly) for added peace of mind. These products have been specifically created to mask natural smells and will help you feel fresh. But, they should never replace good hygiene practice nor should they be worn for hours and hours on end – so change frequently!

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