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How to choose your first sex toy – Superdrug
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How to choose your first sex toy

Woman's hand clutching at bed sheets

Warning: Content suitable for people aged 16 and over only.


Bullet. Plug. Lube. If you haven’t ventured down the sex toy rabbit hole before, it can seem a bit too much to get your head around. And we bet the last thing you want to do is strike up a conversation with a sales assistant in the shop, right? Fear not! Our sex-pert Alix Fox is here to help introduce to the basics so you can make the perfect selection without any awkward encounters.

Woman's hand clutching at bed sheets

The bullet vibrator

A bullet vibrator is a perfect female first-timer for anyone! Why? The majority of women require direct clitoral stimulation in order to climax – and a bullet shape is primarily designed to deliver just that.

How to use a bullet vibrator

You can also use it in other places on the body – for both ladies and gents: try tracing it over the nipples and up and down the inner thighs.

Why use it?

Bullets are also very discreet which makes them easy to travel with, and unintimidating to look at. Lots of bullets are waterproof too, so you can use them in the shower or bath - get dirty while you get clean!

Choose a vibe that has just one speed if you want straightforward turn-it-on-and-get-turned-on simplicity, or pick one with multiple speeds, throbbing patterns, and a removable textured outer sleeve to give yourself more ways to play.

Plugs for anal play

These days, increasing numbers of people – no matter their gender and sexuality – are experimenting with anal play, and so long as you take things slowly and carefully, it has the potential to feel amazing.

How to use a butt plug

The anal opening is rich in sensitive nerve endings; lots of people enjoy a sensation of ‘fullness’; and for guys, the prostate can be stimulated which can lead to incredible orgasms.

Why use it?

A butt plug like the So Divine Sweet Sensation is ideal for beginners: it’s petite; not too heavy; tapered for ease of insertion; and most importantly, it has a flared base, to keep it safely in place. Bottoms aren’t the same as vaginas, so things CAN get lost in them!

Anything you put in your rectum needs to be flared to prevent it from accidentally sliding too far up into the bowel, which could land you in A&E. Remember to use plenty of lube to keep things comfy; unlike vaginas, bums don’t make their own natural moisture, so a thick lubricant is essential.

Top tips for choosing your first sex toy

  • Remember that bigger doesn’t always mean better. 
    If you’re buying a toy that will go inside any part of you, check how long and wide its insertable parts are, and consider whether that will be comfortable and pleasurable for you – especially if this is one of your first experiences with a toy. It’s usually best to start small, but some folks overestimate how much they can take.


  • Grab the right type of lube.
    Lots of modern toys are made from or covered with silicone – but this isn’t always compatible with silicone-based lubes. The lubricant and the material sometimes react badly with each other, and can cause the surface of your toy to go gummy, sticky, or start breaking down and peeling off. Stick to water-based lubes like our Hanky Panky formula if you’re in any doubt.
Alix fox

by Alix Fox, Sexpert

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