Wedding Nails Gold Band

As every bride-to-be knows – after the never-ending mood boarding, Pinning and bookmarking – the devil is in the detail. So naturally, wedding nails should never let the side down. After all, your ring finger is going to be immortalised by the camera lens, chipped polish simply won’t do!  

Skip out on the visit to the nail salon on your big day and save a few pennies by prepping your talons in the comfort of your own home the night before. This gold band look is a modern take on classic white tips and will be easy to recreate. And for those with a shaky hand (from the nerves!), remember your maid of honour is always but a text away.

Wedding Nails Gold Band

What Will I Need to Create Gold Band Wedding Nails?

  • Nude nail polish
  • White nail polish
  • Nail Tape
  • Gold nail polish (or any other hue to match your colour scheme)
  • Clear nail polish/top coat
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Step 1 – Apply a nude base

Step-1 Gold Band Wedding Nails

Take a nude nail polish and apply two coats for a solid base. This colour will be visible in the final look, so build up a nude base that isn’t streaky or too opaque.

Step 2 – Place tape over nail

Step-2 Gold Band Wedding Nails

Cut a small strip of curved nail tape and position two thirds down the nail. Ensure the base coat is completely dry before placing the tape to avoid any smudge dramas. For extra precision, place with tweezers.

Step 3 – Paint the top section white

Gold Band Wedding Nails 3

Take white nail polish and apply above the tape line. This part will act as the tips, so build up the colour until it appears as a block – a minimum of two coats is recommended.

Step 4 – Draw a line in gold

Step-4- Gold Band Wedding Nails

Once the white tip is completely dry, take gold nail polish and draw a line above the nail tape. Use the curve of the nail tape to guide the line and don’t worry if the polish goes slightly over the tape, this is what it’s there for! Using a thin brush nail polish will help to achieve a more whimsical look.

Top Tip: If you do not have a thin nail brush, dip a lip brush into the polish to create the thin line. Only use a brush you wouldn’t want to use again after as a lip brush as the nail polish will harden the bristles.

Step 5 – Remove tape

Step-5 Gold Band Wedding Nails

After the nail polish has completely dried, carefully remove the tape to reveal a clean gold band. For extra precision use tweezers to remove tape.

Step 6 – Apply top coat

Step-6 Gold Band Wedding Nails

For a glossy finish apply a transparent top coat. This will also protect your design from chipping so maximises the longevity of the look.