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How to do rainbow glitter freckles for Pride – Superdrug
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How to do rainbow glitter freckles for Pride

Gary Thompson @theplasticboy wearing glitter freckle makeup

Between Meghan Markle and Kylie Jenner, the faux-freckle trend has been getting a lot of airtime recently. With our summer Pride celebrations right around the corner, glitter and rainbows are what our beauty brains are focused on – so we thought, why not add some sparkle to our speckles? That’s right, guys, we’ve taken freckles to the next level. With a helping hand from the lovely Gary Thompson (aka @theplasticboy), we present our multicoloured, sparkle-centric take on faux freckles – and, huns, it couldn’t be easier…

Set up

Start by choosing your colours – this is the fun part. We’ve gone for a variety of PaintGlow Holographic & Unicorn Glitter Body Gels in Rainbow Rave, Kaleidoscope, Lucky Leprechaun and Helter Skelter. This gave us all the shades we wanted to play with, but you can totes mix it up and make it your own. Squeeze a little of each colour on the back of your hand to make them easy to apply.

Dab to fab

Now for the application. Use a cotton bud to pick up small amounts of glitter and apply to your cheeks and nose in a random freckle-esque pattern. This is where you get to be creative, so go cray! The glitter contains fix gel and dries super-quickly. So if you’re in the market for a quick and easy look for Pride, this two-stepper is the one for you!

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