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How to remove false eyelashes – Superdrug
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How to remove false eyelashes

Eye makeup remover to remove false eyelashes

Ever stumbled in from a night out and pulled your false lashes off before heading to bed? We’ve all been there. While you may think this is the quickest way to deal with the situation and hey, no biggie, it isn’t the best way. So, we’ve put together a handy ‘how to’ video to show you exactly how you should be removing your falsies.

How do I remove false strip lashes?

Step 1 & 2 - Soak cotton bud and run along upper lash line

Soak a cotton bud (or pad) in an oil-based eye makeup remover. Close your eye and run the bud over your lash line. This will help loosen the eyelash glue.


Step 3 - Peel away eyelash

Starting from the outer corners of the eye and working inwards, gently lift the false eyelash. 

Step 4 - Remove excess makeup and glue

Once the lash is removed, soak a pad in eye makeup remover and wipe over your eyes to get rid of the rest of your eye makeup and any glue residue.  

How do I get the glue off my false eyelashes?

Eye makeup remover to remove false eyelashes

If you’re extra careful throughout the removing process you may be able to squeeze out an extra use. Make sure to peel off any leftover glue residue and if you still have the packaging to hand then store in the box until your next night out.

Stubborn mascara stuck to the lashes? Saturate two cotton pads with eye makeup remover and sandwich the lash in between the pads. Leave for 5 minutes and then gently wipe the lashes to remove all traces of mascara. 

How do I remove individual lashes?

The glue for individual lashes tends to be stronger than the glue used for strip lashes because individual lashes are designed to stay on longer. Never pull out the individual lashes, as you’ll pull your real lashes out with them – eeeeek! Instead using a combination of steam and an oil-based remover will r. And unlike strip lashes they cannot be reused.

Step 1 – Remove eye makeup

Start by removing any mascara, eyeliner or other eye makeup you have on. While you’re doing that, boil the kettle (no you’re not about to make a cuppa!) and let it cool down. It needs to be hot enough to be steaming.

Step 2 – Add steam

Put the hot water from the kettle into a bowl, then hover your face over the bowl. You can put a towel over your head if you want to trap the steam. Stay there for about 10 minutes and let the steam work its magic to loosen up the glue.

Step 3 – Gently wipe lashes with makeup remover

Next soak a cotton wool pad in an oil-based eye makeup remover (or you can use baby oil) and gently wipe in a downward direction over your eye until the false lashes start to fall out.

Step 4 – Finishing touch

Once you’ve got the inserts out then rinse your face, including your natural lashes, with water to get rid of any oil residue.

How do I look after my natural lashes after falsies?

If you’re stuck in a cycle of falsies and lash inserts, then life after them may feel a little strange! [Insert mole eye joke here]

Investing in a little aftercare will help you embrace your natural lashes, once and for all. Try using eyelash serums and conditioners to encourage growth and definition. And never underestimate the power of a great lash-defining mascara!

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