Matte lipstick is the perfect combination of bold yet subtle that will last you throughout the whole day with minimal top-ups. Perfecting this look takes a little finesse so here’s how you can transform your lips with our lipstick masterclass.

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How to Put on Matte Lipstick


Nothing ruins a killer look lipstick like dry lips. When it comes to matte lipsticks, they aren’t as forgiving as your average lipgloss so exfoliating is essential.


Step 1: Apply some lip balm to your lips and then press and rub a cotton bud up and down your lips to remove any dead skin. Using a toothbrush will also have the same effect.


It’s important to moisturise your lips when wearing matte lipstick as it has drying qualities which can cause the dreaded dry-lip look to creep up after just a few hours of application.


Step 2: Apply your lip moisturiser to smooth out your lips and create an even surface. It will also act as a barrier, preventing the matte lipstick from drying your lips.

Lip Liner

Find a lip liner that is the same shade as your lipstick and use to perfect and define your lip shape. Inserting an even cross in the middle of your lips will produce a symmetrical cupid’s bow.


Step 3: Outline the natural shape of your lips. If you prefer the plumper look then you can insert the lip liner on the outside edge of your lip shape.

Tip: Covering your whole lips with the lip liner will ensure the lipstick lasts longer, as well preventing the dreaded lip liner, naked lip look.


For the hard to get to places such as the corners, use a lipstick brush to apply your colour to maintain your perfect lip shape.


Step 4: Fill in your lips with your desired matte colour. 

TIP: If smudges were made along the way, grab your concealer and brush and neaten up the areas outside your lips this way.

Remove Excess


Final Look

Add Smokey Eyes

Adding smokey eyes to your matte lips makes for the perfect evening look.