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How to do Kim Kardashian’s cobalt blue eyeshadow look – Superdrug
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How to do Kim Kardashian’s cobalt blue eyeshadow look

girl wearing Kim Kardashian's blue eyeshadow look

If it’s on Kim Kardashian’s face or body, it’s gonna be a trend. Whether it’s clear plastic shoes (still not sure about those, hun) or skin-smothering cycling shorts (kind of a vibe), we can always trust Kim to come out with the next craze. One of her latest beauty flings is with bright cobalt blue eye makeup. When we’re so used to seeing the Kardashian clan rock their signature nudes and tan tones, this did sorta come out of the blue – sorry, not sorry. But, as always, she’s nailed it and we’re obsessed, so we’ve channelled our inner Mario Dedivanovic. Here’s how you can get the look.

Blue in the background

We want the colour in this look to hit you between the eyes with its brightness. For that to happen, we’ve gotta layer up on the blue. Use a blue pencil like MUA Shadow Liner in Ocean Blue to lay down a base of aquamarine. Take the product about halfway up the lid for an intensified look, then buff out the edges with a fluffy brush.

Cover in cobalt

Now for some serious intensity. Pack the electric blue eyeshadow from the MUA Bright Eyeshadow Palette in Silent Disco onto your eyelid and blend it up into the crease. To make sure you get maximum colour payoff, wiggle your brush in the pan to pick up as much product as poss. Then, with a clean fluffy brush, get your blending pants on and soften those edges – you don’t want to be able to see where the colour starts and stops.

Smoky lashes

Now for liner. You can skip this step for a brighter look but since we’re going for Kim K sultry vibes, we’re gonna smoke it out a bit. Apply GOSH 24 Hour Pro Liner in Black to the roots of your upper lashes and smoke it out with a small detail brush. To complete the effect, line your tight line and water line for that extra bit of depth.

GOSH Gosh 24 Hour Pro Liner Black 001 £7.99 Buy Now

Lower lash lovin’

To tie the look together, you’ve gotta give the lower lash line some attention, and we’re doing just that by making it really deep and smoky. Take the blue pencil liner you used for the base eyeshadow and apply this in the roots of your lower lashes, then blend it out with a small detail brush. Set the colour with the electric blue eyeshadow you used on your lid. Pick up the pigment on a small eyeshadow brush and pat it on.

Load up the lashes

Kim K loves a bold lash look, so load up both the top and bottom lashes with mascara. We’ve gone for B. Volumizing Mascara to add some real oomph.

B. Cosmetics B. Volumizing Mascara £9.99 Buy Now

Anyone for some sparkle?

To give this look a lil more glam, we’ve done our fave thing and gone for the glitter pot – soz, we just can’t help ourselves. Use a damp brush with short, dense brushes to pick up the sparkly stuff and pack it onto the lid. We’ve stuck with the blue theme and gone for Bleach London Glitterati in Washed Up Mermaid.

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