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How to cleanse and tone – Superdrug
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How to cleanse and tone

Male Grooming Tips

Wanna know how to be shot of dull-looking skin and keep spots at bay? Hate to break it to you, mate, but a splash of water in the morning ain’t gonna cut it. But don’t worry – you can have the Pharrell Williams factor in four easy steps.

Step one

First things first… get the grime off. Wet your face, then rub a wash-off cleanser between your fingers to get it foaming. Massage it into your skin for a minute or two using circular motions, then rinse with warm water. Pat your face with a clean towel and you’re done.

Step two

Time to tone. And if you’re wondering what the eff a toner is, it’s a product that helps even out the colour on your face. Massage a bit into your skin, focusing on cheeks, nose and forehead. Add this step to your daily routine and you’ll have the lads thinking you’re a ledge when the compliments come rolling in…

Step three

Puffy peepers ain’t a good look on anyone – and an instant giveaway if you had one too many the night before – so get yourself an eye gel. Roll the product under your eyes to de-puff, cool and hydrate.

Step four

Finish off with a good-quality moisturiser. Bulldog is a hero in the male skincare game, so choose Original Moisturiser for your wash bag. Your mates might like it, too, though – so be willing to share!

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