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Halloween Tutorial: Devilishly Daring Devil His & Hers – Superdrug
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Halloween Tutorial: Devilishly Daring Devil His & Hers

His and hers Halloween makeup devil looks

Miss Devilishly Daring

Is it even Halloween if someone isn’t dressed or turns up as a devil?! This look isn’t for the fainthearted - approach with caution!

You want to make it look like you’ve made an effort and more than just putting on a pair of horns? Then this devil look is it. Lashings of liner is required for this and of course, that signature bold red eye that will warn off any unwanted attention. Add a moody, glossy lip to complete and get ready to party, you little devil!

Step 1

For that haunting base, mix a touch of Revolution SFX White Base Face Paint in with your normal foundation. If you’re feeling daring, sponge the white base straight onto your face, down the neck and try not to forget your ears either. Set with a powder like you would a normal foundation to make sure it’s going to stay put all night.

Step 2

Taking the I Heart Revolution Blood Palettegenerously apply a red cream eyeshadow onto your eyelids, up towards the temples, eyebrows and a little under your lower lash line. Set with a red coloured eyeshadow and a fluffy brush.

Step 3

Taking I Heart Revolution Blood Palette again, use a blending brush to create that dramatic contoured smokey eye with the red shades. Line your upper and lower lids with Revolution The Liner Revolution and for a dramatic flick, obvs. Add a dangerous amount of Revolution The Mascara for maximum impact.

 Step 4

Want to amplify your blood thirsty eyes? Use Revolution Pro Supreme Pigment Gel Eyeliner in Black inside the waterline and around your lash line. Apply haphazardly black face paint around your eye area and towards the temples.

Step 5

As for you lips, either make them all white with the Revolution Halloween White Liquid Face Paint and sponge that you previously used for your base or, if the lady is a vamp, line the lips with Revolution Renaissance Lipliner in Exempt and finish with a blood red shade from the Revolution Halloween Vinyl Liquid Lip in Nightmare collection.

To Finish The Look:

Straighten your hair and tuck a section behind your ears to frame your face. Finish the look with a pair or devilish horns!

Mr Devilishly Daring

Whether you’re going for the best couples’ costume at a Halloween party with your boo or you're looking for a high-impact, minimum effort look -  then this is the look for you! Get ready to trick or treat!

Step 1

For your base, cover your face using the Revolution SFX White Base Face Paint to give yourself a ghoulish glow. Then, line your inner and the top of your eye, keeping close to your lash line, with the Revolution Pro Supreme Pigment Gel Eyeliner.

Step 2:

Using the black pigment from the Revolution Halloween SFX Ultimate Face Paint Palette, start to build out the colour from your eyes. Covering the lid and taking it up towards your hair line. Bring it down the nose a little bit, over the eyebrow and all around the eyes.

Step 3:

Once you have finished with the black, go in with the red shade from the same palette and graduate it through the colour you have already applied.  Use your finger to smudge the colour and take it up into the hair line. Aim to get each side symmetrical!

Step 4:

Next, would it even be a Halloween look without fake blood? Using the Revolution SFX Fake Blood, add texture and shine over the top of your black and red. Once you’ve added as much blood as you like – you’re ready to spook!


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