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Halloween Tutorial: Colourful Clown His & Hers – Superdrug
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Halloween Tutorial: Colourful Clown His & Hers

Superdrug halloween makeup looks his and her colourful clowns

So, clowns are terrifying and something most of us are terrified of but, this Halloween, our colourful clown look is more chic than freak. Forget about bad eyebrows and a jokey pom-pom red nose and get ready to decorate your face with some serious colour and gems too - I mean what’s a Halloween look without glitter?!

How To Create a Colourful Clown

Step 1

Ace your clown base by prepping your skin with the Barry M All Night Long Liquid Foudation to give your skin an instant glow.

Step 2

Roughly measure where you want the Barry M Face Jewels in Circus Sparkle to sit above the brow and remove any that aren’t required or appear over where you’d like them to sit. Now you know where they are going to sit, put them aside and start with the eye shadow.

Using the Revolution x Axis Stone Palette mimic the colours of the gems and start to create a diamond shape around each eye, changing the colour as you move across the face.

Step 3:

Use the Barry M On Point Eyeliner to create a gorgeous flick on each eye; starting in the centre to guide you. Take the eyeliner under the eyes as well to really make them stand out.  Apply two coats of the Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara to your lashes using small zig-zag movements.

Step 3

Now for the fun part! Carefully remove the Barry M Circus Sparkle Gems from their backing and place them above the eyebrow and below the eye, making sure the gems match up with the colour of your eye shadow.

Using Barry M Glitter Fixer Gel as a base, add some glitter per colour above and below your eyes with Barry M Glitter Rush Body Glitter.

 Step 4

Take a lip brush to draw a circle of Barry M Matte Lip Paint in Bombshell at the tip of your nose for that notorious creepy look. Using Barry M On Point Eyeliner will outline the edge and neaten the appearance. If you want to go that bit further, use some white face paint for highlight.

Step 5

Take the lipstick you used at the end of your nose and coat you lips - pop over a gloss for a latex look. You could swap the red for black for a really creepy appearance. Want to extend your smile? Use Barry M Bold Waterproof Eyeliner. The fine tip will help flick up the corners.

Think couple costumes are more cringe than cute? Think again! Our his and hers colourful clown looks will ensure you stand out from the crowd when you rock up to your Halloween party for all the right reasons!

Step 1

Start off with the Barry M All Night Foundation  at the centre of your face and work your way out to create a long-lasting base.

Step 2

Now for the fun part! Using the Revolution Halloween SFX Face Paint Palette, create a diamond shape over the eyes, starting with blue and working your way out changing up the colours as you go using light feather like motions.

Step 3

Once you are happy with your face paint, go over the colours with the Revolution x Alexis Stone palette to really make those colours pop! This will also ensure your look lasts even longer.

Step 4

Take the Barry M Lip Paint in Black and draw a line down the centre of your diamond. Add a dark depth to your look by lining your waterline and your upper lash line and creating a small diamond shape on your eyelids with the Barry M Waterproof Black Eyeliner. You can deepen this further by going over it with a gel liner.

Step 5

Next step, time to hollow out those cheeks! Taking the B. Pro Long Gel Liner outline and blend along the cheekbones to create a contour. Over the top of this, take the Barry M Lip Paint in Black again and chisel out those cheek and jaw line a little more!

Step 6

No clown look would be complete with out the iconic red nose. Using the Barry M Lipstick in Bombshell, take a fluffy eye shadow brush and blend into your nose. Go over the top again with the Revoltuon SXF Face Paint in red to really make it shine! Create a 3D effect by outline the nose with black face paint.

Step 7

To create your creepy clown smile, line the lips carefully and fill in using a gel eyeliner pencil. Then, using our fave Barry M Lip Paint in Black and a thin brush emphasise the corners and cupids bow. That's it, give us a smile! Or on second thought... maybe not!

Step 8

Finally, using the Barry M Glitter in Fancy Dress, highlight the centre line of your diamond to give your look a dazzling finishing touch!

Now you're all ready to go, what will it be -  trick or treat?

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