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Halloween Tutorial: Beauty and The Bug – Superdrug
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Halloween Tutorial: Beauty and The Bug

Halloween tutorial beauty and the bug

Look freaky yet fabulous with this creepy, crawling spider look. The best thing about this look? It takes next to no time to create and we’re pretty sure you’ll have everything to do it already! You’re just a couple of flicks away from creating a look that will give people the chills.

How To Get Your Scare On:

Step 1

Prep your skin as you usually would when you're getting ready for a night out to start this look. We're using the B. Flawless Foundation.

Step 2

Next step is to create a simple smokey eye using B. Pro Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Black as a base and draw all over the lid. Smoke this out with a brush or your finger and set with a matte black eyeshadow. Take your smokey eye to another level by lining your eye with the B. Kohl Eyeliner.

Step 3

A quick and efficient way to blend out a smokey eye is by using bronzer. We're using the B. Matte Darker Bronzer to exaggerate towards the end of the brow. Go back in with the B. Gel Eyeliner under neath the eye and blend across the waterline.

Step 4

Using the B. Volumizing Mascara, give your lashes a generous coat on both the top and lower lashes to achieve fun, full lashes.

Step 5

For even fuller looking lash, and to give your eyes some added drama, go in with the faux lashes. We love the Superdrug False Lash Natural Edition.

Step 6

Before we get to the bugs, it's time to finish of the base of the look with your lips. B. Lip Liner in Plum is perfect and fill in your lips with B. Matte Lipstick in Mulberry Smootch.

Step 7

Now for the creepy crawlies! Use the B. Pro Duo Eyeliner in Black or B.Pro Longwear Gel Liner in Black. Taking a small brush, draw an oval shape for each of the bugs and add three ‘C’ shape legs to each side of the oval.

Step 8

Drawing the bugs on just one side of your face has the most impact - but feel free to cover your face or both sides from the eyes if you wish! Alternate the sizes of your oval bugs and fill in any large gaps with dots. Want the creepy crawlies to last all night long? A few sprays of B. Makeup Setting Spray will make sure they hang around…

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