Half winged eyeliner feature

If your everyday look is too predictable for your liking – we’re looking at you, classic cat eye – then a little experimentation is a must. Armed with your trusty everyday tools, get to work creating this striking half winged eyeliner look. It’s easy to achieve and easy on the eyes!

What will I need to create the half winged eyeliner look?

  • Black felt eyeliner, ideally dual-ended or with a paddle tip (this allows for thick and thin lines)
  • Mascara
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Step 1 – Draw half a line on your upper lash line

Half winged eyeliner step 1

Using the edge on a dual-end felt eyeliner, draw a line on your upper lash line. Start from the middle and take it all the way to the end, so you’re only drawing half a line.

Step 2 – Draw a winged flick at the end of the line

Half winged eyeliner step 2

Switch to the precision side of the felt eyeliner to create a winged flick. To do this, hold the skin taut and draw a line angled towards the brows to create the bottom of the wing.

Step 3 – Fill in the wing

Half winged eyeliner step 3

Fill in the outline of the wing you have created by joining the bottom of the wing with the line along the lash line.

Top tip: Create the winged effect by applying the eyeliner in small strokes to avoid mistakes.

Step 4 – Draw a line at the bottom

Half winged eyeliner step 4

To add definition, draw a short line at the bottom of the wing into the lower lash line.

Step 5 – Repeat on other eye

Half winged eyeliner step 5

Run through steps 1-4 on the other eye until both appear symmetrical.

Step 6 – Apply mascara

Half winged eyeliner step 6

Add coats of mascara to your lashes for a flutter-worthy finish.