lauren naylor holding foundations for acne-prone skin

If you suffer with acne, you may try your hardest to embrace the skin you’re in and let it breathe – but sometimes you just gotta cover those bad boys with makeup. Former beauty editor Lauren Naylor knows a lot about acne, having suffered with it when she was a teen, so here’s her very best advice on what you should be looking for in a foundation and the five products you should choose…

Rule number one is to steer clear of comedogenic ingredients, which are oils and acids that clog your pores. So when doing your research, read the ingredients list on foundations to make sure none of these is included, then do a patch test on your neck or the side of your face to check your skin’s reaction. If it feels immediately irritated, it’s a no-no. Similarly, if you notice a break out after wearing all day, you’ll probably want to try something else.  

e.l.f. Foundation Serum with SPF25

This weightless wonder worker is great at evening out your skin tone, brightening your complexion (thanks to goji berry extract and vitamin C) and covering those pesky pimples. When your skin is feeling worse for wear, the last thing you want to do is suffocate it with heavy foundation, so this is perfect for any lovelies out there who prefer lightweight products. This one also contains vitamin E, which helps guard your skin against pollution and SPF25 for protection against UV rays, which, yes, you do still need in winter.

MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Foundation

You can suffer with acne whatever your skin type, but it’s most likely to happen if your skin is oily. Matte foundations are great as they cover imperfections and help you manage shine. This MUA foundation also contains vitamin A, which helps minimise the appearance of pores – we’re in! Simply buff onto your skin, building up as much coverage as you need for a flawlessly matte and even complexion AND maximum shine control.

B. Flawless Matte Foundation

This is another mattifying superstar, which absorbs the excess oils while making sure your skin is still hydrated. You don’t want to use a product that dries out your skin as it will cause oil glands to produce more sebum as they try to compensate, leading to – you guessed it – more acne. With a medium buildable coverage, this product is great for anyone who wants the finished look to be natural-looking and long-lasting.

B. Cosmetics B. Flawless Matte Foundation C9 £4.99 Buy Now

Collection Primed & Ready Anti-Blemish BB Cream

If you’re having a particularly bad bout of blemishes, you probably want something light and calming on your skin. A BB cream is a great option, and this one is powered by witch hazel – the ultimate spot soother. Buff and blend this skincare/makeup hybrid over skin for flawless, lightweight coverage and watch your pimple problems fade away…

Collection Primed & Ready Illuminating Setting Powder

As we mentioned before, if you’ve got acne, you’re more than likely gonna need some shine control to get that oil under wraps – so it’s time for powder. It’s always a good idea to set any liquid products like foundation with powder anyway, but especially if you’re going out and want your look to last all night. This one is finely milled with just a hint of illuminating pigments for that perfectly powdered finish.

Collection Collection Primed & Ready Illuminating Setting Powder £3.99 Buy Now