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How To Use a Contour Stick – Superdrug
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How To Use a Contour Stick

Woman holding a contour stick

Baking. Strobing. Tantouring. To the well-educated beauty lover, the world of contouring knows no bounds. But, for those that sit on the other side of the fence (aka not a vlogger/MUA/makeup addict) then it can seem a little overwhelming. What you need is a two-in-one product that can have you looking more chiselled than Kylie Jenner but without the need for a full-on glam squad. Say hello to the contour stick. Your new bestie. And here’s exactly how to use it…

Your new glam squad:

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Step 1 – Define with the dark contour shade

Woman with dark contour on face

Before you even take the lid off your contour stick, apply an even base of your usual foundation. You don't want this to be heavy or cakey.

Every double-ended contour stick has one end that’s for highlighting with (the lighter end) and one end for shading (the darker end). So, starting with the darker end draw along the hollows of your cheeks, trace the temples, the jawline and the sides of your nose.    

Step 2 – Highlight with the lighter contour shade

Woman using light contour on face

Flip your contour stick upside down and now use the lighter cream contour to draw lines along the centre of the face.

Focus on the forehead, down the centre of the nose, Cupid’s bow, chin area, under the eyes and along the cheekbones.

Step 3 – Blend away

Woman blending contour

Using a damp blending sponge (for the best results soak the sponge until it is fully saturated and give a squeeze before using) begin blending the darker colour. Use small circular motions for a more natural finish and use the larger, rounded end for most of the bigger areas and switch to the pointy tip for precision areas (like the nose).

Once all the darker shading is blended, then blend out the lighter shade. It’s better to do this bit-by-bit so you can build up the coverage slowly.

Step 4 – The finishing touches

Woman adding highlighter to face

If you want a natural-looking matte finish then stop at step 3.

But for a more picture-perfect finish use a shimmering highlighter stick to add extra definition. The best places to apply this is along the cheekbones, nose, under the brow arch, inner corners of the eyes and Cupid’s bow. Don’t forget to blend using a flat contour brush or your trusty blending sponge.   

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