Last-Min Party Updo

Rushing to get to ready for that festive soirée? First thing’s first, don’t panic! We’ve got a Christmas party updo that’s super-easy, quick and will make it look like you have a full-on glam squad on speed dial. Just call us your fairy godmother…

What Will I Need to Create this Party Updo?

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Step 1 – Tie hair into low ponytails

Last Minute Party Updo Step 1

Brush through hair and separate into five even sections. Secure each section into a low ponytail using elastic bands.

Step 2 – Braid each ponytail

Last Minute Party Updo Step 2

Focus on one ponytail at a time and braid all the way down, securing with an elastic band. Ensure each of the five ponytails have been braided up until the same length for an even finish.

Step 3 – Add texture

Last Minute Party Updo Step 3

As we are going to pin the hair up, we want the braids to be loose for a more dramatic finish.

Pull at the outer sections of the braids to add texture. Ensure all braids are similar in size and shape before moving on to the next step.  

Step 4 – Pin the braids

Last Minute Party Updo Step 4

Take one braid at a time, pull upwards and create a looped shape. Keep the tail end facing down and hidden within the loop. Once it’s doubled up and at the desired height, pin into place using hair grips. Repeat the same step for each individual braid, keeping the same height for all.

Top Tip: Pin the tail end of the braid last, so you can hide it within the braid or along the side of it. 

Step 5 – Pull out wispy hairs & spray

Last Minute Party Updo Step 5

For a more whimsical/boho finish, pull out and define any loose hairs at the front. Set your look with a generous application of hairspray.  


Last Minute Party Updo Step 6

You shall go to the Christmas ball!