Festive Eye makeup feature

Green, red and gold are hands down the shades that make up the festive season. So, we’ve taken the classic colour combo, added a sprinkling of Superdrug magic, and applied the hues to our beauty kit. Discover a Christmas eye makeup look that’s far from traditional…

What Will I Need to Create this Christmas Eye Makeup Look?

  • Metallic green eyeshadow
  • Gold glitter eyeliner
  • Black liquid eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Kohl eyeliner
  • Gold loose eyeshadow powder
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Step 1 – Define brows

Christmas Eye Makeup Step 1

We all know that eyebrows frame the face, so start by setting yours into place with a little brow gel.

Then fill in any gaps with an eyebrow pencil.

Step 2 – Prep your base

Christmas Eye Makeup Step 2

As we’re creating a bold look that’s perfect for a festive party, we want it to last all night. Apply eye primer all over the eye area (from the lids to the brow arch) for added hold. Use a flat concealer brush to get into all the creases and blend it out with your fingertip.

Step 3 –  Apply red eyeshadow to eyelid crease

Christmas Eye Makeup Step 3

Take a bold red eyeshadow and apply to the eyelid crease area. Blend it out by using a clean eyeshadow brush and ensure both eyes are symmetrical before moving on to the next step.

Step 4 – Apply black eyeshadow

Christmas Eye Makeup Step 4

To tone down the red and to create a more dynamic festive-inspired look, take black eyeshadow and apply across the eyelid area. This can overlap with the red, but shouldn’t cover it completely. Blend it out with a clean brush until the transition from black to red is gradual, not harsh.

Step 5 – Go for green

Christmas Eye Makeup Step 5

Dab on a green shimmer eyeshadow to the centre of each eye.

Build up the coverage until you’re happy that the hit of green is both noticeable and symmetrical.   

Step 6 – Add sparkle with glitter eyeliner

Christmas Eye Makeup Step 6

It wouldn’t be a Christmas look without a little sparkle now, would it? Take a gold glitter liner and draw along the eyelid crease until a defined gold-speckled line forms. This will cover the blend where the red eyeshadow reaches the green/black combo.

Next, line eyes with black liquid eyeliner and finish with a little flick for added definition.

Step 7 – Lengthen those lashes

Christmas Eye Makeup Step 7

Coat your top and bottom lashes with mascara. Go from root to tip and move the wand in a zig zag motion for the best lash-lengthening results. Then add apply kohl eyeliner to the waterline to give the eye makeup look some edge.

Step 8 – Finish with more gold

Christmas Eye Makeup Step 8

For the ultimate finishing touch, add a little more gold to the inner corners of the eyes. You can use a loose pigmented powder for this, as this will give you the added wow-factor.

How to: Christmas Party Eye Makeup

Want to dress up a classic LBD or a jeans and nice top combo? This striking look is sure to do the trick. Get set to channel your inner ice queen…

Will I Need to Create this Eye Makeup Look?

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Step 1 – Apply nude eyeshadow

Christmas Party Makeup 1

First we’re going to start by creating a neutral base, before we go crazy with glitter and colour. Begin by applying nude eyeshadow to eyelids.

Step 2 – Blend blue eyeshadow into eyelid crease

Christmas Party Makeup 2

Coat your eyeshadow brush in a bold blue powder and swipe across the eyelid crease. Repeat on your other eye. Then take a clean blending brush and gently soften the blue lines by running the brush back and forth across the crease (similar to a window wiper movement).

Step 3 – Add nude eyeshadow into the mix

Christmas Party Makeup 3

Apply cream nude eyeshadow to the eyelids, keeping inside the blue crease line. Keep applying the colour until you have a block finish that contrasts dramatically with the blue.   

Step 4 – Draw glitter lines along the blue crease

Christmas Party Makeup 4

Using silver glitter eyeliner, draw along the crease. Continue going over the crease until the entire blue strip is punctuated with sparkle.

Step 5 – Draw a cat eye flick

Christmas Party Makeup 5

To add definition to this look, apply a cat eye flick using black liquid eyeliner. We’ve used a pen for added control and ease, but you can use your makeup bag favourite here.

Step 6 – Coat lashes with mascara

Christmas Party Makeup 6

Take your trusty mascara and coat your top and bottom lashes. Avoid any clumps by following our top mascara tips. 

Step 7 – Apply false lashes

Christmas Party Makeup 7

If there’s no photo evidence of a Christmas party, did you even go? Be prepared for those snapshot moments with the help of false lashes. This bold pair are sure to be picked up by the camera flash.

Top Tip: Pack your eyelash glue in your party clutch for peace of mind that you’ll be able to top-up any lifting edges throughout the night.

Step 8 – Finish with added sparkle

Christmas Party Makeup 8

Add a final sprinkling of glitter to complete this look. Simply use a glittery loose powder and gently tap into the eyelid crease and under the eye.

Top Tip: It’s normal for the loose powder to fall so do a quick tidy up using a bit of tape!