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How to Apply Blue Eyeliner Like a Pro – Superdrug
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How to Apply Blue Eyeliner Like a Pro

Blue Eyeliner feature

We’d forgive you for assuming that blue eye makeup wasn’t very, well, cool. Thanks to the eighties take on the shade it’s hard not to picture a garish layered look rather than an utterly glamorous one. So we’ve decided to put our makeup maestros to work and they have come up with a look that’s got sass, style and striking potential. Don’t say we’re not up for a challenge…    

What Will I Need to Create this Blue Eyeliner Look?

Step 1 – Prime

Blue eyeliner step 1

To maximise the shelf life of this look, start with a dab of eye primer. Blend using your fingertips until all the product has disappeared.

Step 2 & 3 – Add a pop of pink   

Blue eyeliner step 2

Take a hot pink eyeshadow and apply to your eyelid creases. Intensify the shade by swapping to a darker purple eyeshadow and working the colour across the outer corners of the eyes and the lower lash line.

Step 4 – Bold it up with bronze

Blue eyeliner step 3

Choose a metallic bronze eyeshadow with plenty of glittery pigment and sweep it across the eyelids, blending as you go along. Apply to the lower lash line too and buff it out until you’re happy with the vibrancy of the shade.

Step 5 – Draw along the upper lash line

Blue eyeliner step 4

Once you’re happy with your smouldering base colours, it’s time to add the colour that will pack a punch – electric blue.

We’re using blue liquid eyeliner for maximum visibility but you could also use a pencil eyeliner if you want a more subtle finish. Draw along the upper lash line and add a flick at the end for a feline touch.

Step 6 & 7 – Line & lashes

Blue eyeliner step 5

To tie all the elements of the look together, add a little black eyeliner to your waterline. Next, coat lashes in mascara. For the best lash-lengthening results, move your mascara wand in a zigzag motion from root to tip as you apply.

Step 8 – Add falsies

Blue eyeliner step 6

As this makeup look is loud and proud, it’s perfect for rocking on a night out. Finish with a pair of false lashes to really stand out from the party crowd.

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