collage of girls trying our K-beauty trends

K-beauty (short for Korean beauty) is, well, products and regimes inspired by South Korean trends. Right off the bat, this beauty buzz is aaaall about hydrated, natural-looking skin. If that sounds like your kinda vibe and you wanna find out more, keep reading…

Where did it come from?

Wondering where this beauty boom started? It comes straight from South Korea’s capital city, Seoul – très cosmopolitan.

Why is it different?

K-beauty uses textures and methods that are totally different from what we’re used to… such as jelly-like products and bubbling face masks. Gone are the days when doing a face mask involved lots of mess and sitting for 20 minutes unable to move your face. Thanks to K-beauty, we have sheet masks!

Why is it so popular?

First off, everyone loves a bit of novelty. When something is new, exciting and injects a bit of fun into your routine, of course it’s gonna be popular. But the main reason everyone is going mad for K-beauty is that it ain’t no quick fix – it really works. And if you keep up with a K-beauty skincare routine, you’ll defs be in for some noticeable, long-lasting benefits.

What does it involve?

Short answer? A hell of a lot! Seriously, we’re talking 10-step (at least) skincare regimes. K-beauty is all about multi-step and multi-product skincare. There’s something for every area of your face, and each product will have a light and heavy version, along with another one with bells on. Bottom line – if you’re serious about skincare, get on board with K-beauty.

Some products inspired by K-beauty

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