While we might not be able to get you a bod quite as buff as that of a Love Island lad (you’ll have to get yaself to the gym and pie off pizza for that), one thing we can let you in on is the guys’ grooming secrets. How so, we hear you ask? Well, we’re the ones who have stocked the villa with all of the lotions and potions an Islander needs to look preem. Want a piece of the action? Here’s what’ll be getting the guys ready for grafting.

superdrug men's products in Love Island house


Those slicker-than-your-average hairstyles that’ll be lighting up your TV screens all summer long will be coming courtesy of this frizz-fighting duo. Superdrug Avocado & Manuka Shampoo will get all that chlorine out of poolside hair without stressing out strands. If you usually side-step conditioner, you had better reassess. The sun can dry hair out more than usual, so give it a little lovin’ with Superdrug Avocado & Manuka Conditioner.

Superdrug Superdrug Avocado & Manuka Honey Shampoo 400ml £3.99 Buy Now
Superdrug Superdrug Avocado & Manuka Honey Conditioner 400ml £3.99 Buy Now
superdrug products in Love Island villa

Style guide

When it comes to hairstyling, it ain’t a suits-all situation. Some guys are all about gel, others are into wax and some prefer putty – so we popped all of them in the villa. Not sure which pot to pick? Putty gives a relaxed bed-head look, wax smooths and defines with a soft, flexible hold, while gel locks things in place a little longer, making it perfect for slick, super-groomed styles. Sorted.

Style Expertise Superdrug Stye Expertise Hairstyling Wax 75 ml £2.99 Buy Now


When it comes to grafting, girls like a guy that smells good, so start in the shower. Superdrug Fruity Lime & Ginger Shower is formulated with natural lime and ginger extracts, which will shake off that fuggy feeling from one-too-many sundowners. Oh, and don’t forget your deo’ – you don’t want BO putting off bae. Superdrug Sensitive Anit-Perspirant Deodorant dries quick time, and won’t leave behind pesky white stains.

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Best face forward

There’s nothing like a clear complexion to up your confidence – after all, no one wants to hide behind a pair of supersized sunnies all summer long. First things first, sort out your stubble with B. Men Shave Cream, and if the beer garden is beckoning, get clean quickly with a multi-tasking marvel. B Men Volcanic Cleanser 4 in 1 cleanses, purifies, refreshes and softens skin. It also contains salicylic acid to sort out blemish-brewing bacteria. Big fans. And no one likes a flaky face, so get smooth with B. Men Hydrating Moisture Gel. It’s super lightweight, so won’t make you feel like a sticky so-and-so in the heat.

B. Men B. Men Shave Cream £5.99 Buy Now
B. Men B. Men Volcanic Cleanser 4 In 1 Wash £3.99 Buy Now
B. Men B. Men Energised Hydrating Gel £8.99 Buy Now
Superdrug b prodcuts in love island villa

All white on the night

Nobody wants to pucker up with someone suffering from bad breath, and because a white smile is always a winner, we’ve popped a whole load of Superdrug Pro Care Whitening Floss and Superdrug Pro Care Charcoal Toothpaste on The Island. It helps to brighten and removes stains, keeping pearlies glistening and making it spot on for the Love Island lot, who’ll have all eyes on their smiles for the next few months.

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Pro Care Superdrug Pro Care Whitening Floss 40m £1.99 Buy Now


Those Islanders just wouldn’t look the same without a tan. But for safety-first sun kissing, we’ve stocked the house with Solait Tan Stimulating Sun Cream SPF30. It’s formulated to protect against UVA and UVB rays and also contains MelanoBronze, a natural active that helps support the skin’s natural tanning process. And to make that glow go a little further, they’ll also be using Solait Tan Prolonger After Sun, which contains a low level of self-tanner to get their glows going for even longer.

Solait Solait Tan Prolonger After Sun 200ml £3.99 Buy Now