We’re no stranger to weird and wonderful hair trends – corset braids, succulent locks and glow-in-the-dark manes… So we can’t say we’re surprised that ‘cereal hair’ is doing the rounds on Insta, and we aren’t talking your average bowl of Cheerios.

The trend involves dying the hair to resemble classic and vibrantly colourful American cereals such as Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops.

We reckon this trend is making up for all the times as a child we were SUPER-jealous of the cereals we saw on our fave American Disney shows, and were instead presented with a bowl of Ready Brek (thanks, Mum).

Here are some of our fave cereal-inspired hair looks on Insta…

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We can’t get enough of this gorgeous Lucky Charms-inspired creation. Serious #pastelperfection

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#FruityPebblesHair involves a mixture of bright hues such as a hot pink, yellow, orange, purple and green, which are put on the hair and left to blend into one another. Only the top layers of the hair are treated, so the colours really stand out.

If you’re feeling slightly nervous about dying your whole head, you can always run the bright colours through the ends of your hair.

Will you be trying the cereal hair trend, or do you think it’s just plain mad?